Seven Potions – Brand & Product Review

Seven Potions Hair Products

Seven Potions launched back in 2014 when founder John Bouridis says he saw a need and rose to meet it. John believed that not only he, but all men, deserved better products from the market. He assembled the Seven Potions team and together they began their journey.

Seven Potions claim they put theirself in the shoes of the shopper in order to fulfil any expectations of what we might have when shopping for “the best” male grooming products.


seven potions clay

Seven Potions Clay 100ml

According to the brand, this hair clay will withstand sweat, wind and heat, to help the hair on top of your head stay exactly where you want it, under any circumstance. This clay is advertised as strong holding and offers a matte finish. Testing revealed there are much stronger clays in this category but the matte finish was consistent. Not 100% sold on the musky fragrance, shoe polish packaging or branding (basic and old fashioned / branding reminds me somewhat of a corporate self-storage facility) although they do like to remind us they as a company match sustainability needs and their products are not made in somebody’s kitchen. Back to the clay, ideally you want straight, short to medium length hair for this one. Lasts the day. Washability 3/5.

Seven Potions Pomade

With more significant things to do than worry about what your hair is doing, the Seven Potions Pomade aims to offer a strong-hold and a desirable shine, best suited for pompadour, slick back, and to the side styles. Suitable for any kind of hair and length and the formula is cruelty-free, vegan, as well as free from parabens, silicones and any colorants. Apply in small amounts. Apply more for a stronger hold. Hold doesn’t impress but washability does. Quite a weak formula compared to other water-based pomades, however does contain natural butters, waxes and oils so be careful not to grease it up too much if you don’t like the idea of having a chip pan head. Fragrance nothing to jump up and down about. Consistent with the brand. A bit earthy and over-thought/complicated in my opinion. 100ml shoe polish tin again, doesn’t blow anyone away.

Seven Potions Paste

This hair paste claims to get rid of bad hair days for good. Does it work? A formula for turning unruly locks into a work of art. This product aims to give you a matte and textured finish. Use a small amount in medium to slightly longer length hair. Tested in damp hair, wouldn’t recommend as it lost all its hold. You can restyle your look throughout the day without issue so if you have hard to manage hair this might suit you better than the clay or pomades. And if you’re not getting the look you want, simply add a little more for a stronger hold. Washability4/5. Fragrance not to my taste. Packaging cheap. Brand looks like it belongs in my nana’s bathroom cupboard.

Sadly the Seven Potions didn’t make our TOP 10 HAIRSTYLING BRANDS FOR MEN list, but I do understand how this brand aims to help the average modern gentleman upgrade his daily grooming routine. If curiosity wins, you can try theres products here at UKhairbrands!


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