Pacinos Signature Line – Brand & Product Review

pacinos hair products

After a career as a celebrity barber, Erich Roa, AKA “Pacinos the Barber,” decided to create his own line of men’s hair grooming essentials that aims to provide a high-quality line of products for men around the world. Question is, are they as good as the sellers claim?

pacinos matte paste

Pacinos Matte 4oz – No Shine Hair Paste

Pacinos claim their Pacinos Matte Paste provides volume and texture for a long-lasting defined look and it is supposed to be ideal for most hair types. For a matte paste with a firm hold, there’s supposed to be no shine in the results and the formulation is water-soluble to easily break down easily when you wash.

Despite claims, you will get some shine if you load up on this matte paste (which is what youll need to do if you want a hold factor from this product)

(TOP TIP) If you insist using plenty of producf, using a blow dryer on low heat to finish styling hair – will to some extent dry it out for a more natural look.

Packaging and branding look to me like a mens eye liner brand and sadly makes the Pacinos brand look terribly basic. Having said that it does have a more contemporary feel as a mens hair wax, unlike the shoe polish tin brands who think retro or cheaper packaging is a good idea for hair product enthusiasts.

At $16 for 4oz is quite generous but sadly product quality lacks making this no shine hair paste a buy cheap buy twice kind of product (exactly what the mass market supermarkets want you to buy).

Much better products out there in this category achieving better results from more exclusive brands.

pacinos pomade

Pomade 4oz – Firm Hold Pomade

Pacinos say their Pacinos Firm Hold Pomade provides frizz control for a slick and smooth look which may be ideal for straight, wavy or coarse hair and that this Pomade has a flexible hold with a high shine finish and is water-soluble to easily wash out of your hair.

Compared to the Matte Paste product, the Pacinos Pomade is certainly the better of the two.

This pomade does the job but doesn’t pack any kind of special punch. That might be enough for you but if you’re looking for something with a little pizzazz check out either the Hairbond Gripper Pomade or if you’re on a budget you would even find the Uppercut Deluxe, Deluxe Pomade a better alternative.

pacinos hair powder

Volumizing Matte Powder

Like all hair powders, this powder sets invisibly onto hair to create volume and texture with a matte finish, creating a fuller effect. 

Hair Powders have been around for a long time now, most brands just use the same formula so this product was never really going to be much different, just a case of, do you like hair powder and like the Pacinos brand’s story, packaging and pricing. ($16)

For me personally, I’ve tried and tested hundreds of powders now. I will still argue you get way better value from high quality brands that are strong and consistent in areas of which powders can’t compete with.

Eg Powders don’t last that long *(of the tiny amount of product you get, half of it ends up on the floor or your shoulders) However a 100ml worth of high quality wax will last you 4/5 longer and are never 4/5 x the price! Powders never wash out as easily as water based formulas either.

If you’re looking for a powder alternative, the best i’ve found is the Super Professional Hair Fibre by Hairbond United Kingdom. One of the first powders I ever bought was made by Hairbond (10g Hairbond Moulder Powder). I recently asked them why they don’t make it anymore. Whilst they continue to manufacture the Moulder wax product, they said the market was saturated with powder products now and that no powder can compete with their new Super formula on any level.


Sadly the Pacinos hair styling brand didn’t make our TOP 10 HAIRSTYLING BRANDS FOR MEN list, but I do understand how this brand has styling solutions for men at their convenience. If curiosity wins, you can try their products here at UKhairbrands!


  1. Hairbond United Kingdom
  2. Hanz De Fuko
  3. American Crew
  4. Fudge
  5. Uppercut Deluxe
  6. Slick Gorilla
  7. L’Oreal
  8. TIGI
  9. Toni & Guy
  10. Redken