Hairbond – Brand & Product Review


Hairbond is a luxurious hair care brand that has been around for over a decade, It has evolved to stay at the forefront of the professional hair styling industry.

We recently ranked Hairbond United Kingdom as the #1 men’s hairstyling brand at UKhairbrands!

The company claims to be professional grade and made with natural ingredients. A perfect choice for those who want healthier hair seeking the most luxurious options. Especially if you have a medium length hairstyle, Hairbond United Kingdom should be your best friend.

Used by countless celebrities and a huge portfolio of world-class professional footballers noteably half the England squad, including fashion icon Jack Grealish.

Hairbond strives to be the biggest, independent hair styling solution for millions of hair styling fanatics across the world. Checkout our blog on the top ten football hairstyles.

The Hairbond founder, Scott Michaels has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. Scott says he has always had a knack for creating desirable products. With an extensive knowledge as a styling expert Scott claims he knowns how to make your hair look and feel just as amazing. He created the Hairbond brand to help people with their everyday hairstyles.

As well as providing you with advice on how best to care for your hair, Hairbond also offer direct free consultations. With this information you will learn exactly what products will work best for your hair type. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an easy style or something more elaborate either. Hairbond has been created to provide you with the solutions you’re looking for!

This premium hair styling brand is widely available online. Also stocked in high-end retail outlets, such as celebrity barbershops and hair salons.

Toffee Shaper:

Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee hit the market with a boom back in the late noughties. One of the most reviewed Hairbond products lead this butterscotch number to its fastest selling status. See which other products including the Hairbond Shaper, made our best of all time products list.

The Shaper is branded with a bright orange colour and it smells so good you would think you could eat it. You could easily mistake this creamy hair wax for a desert. it breaks down so effortlessly in the hands and glides through the hair with the least resistance. Still giving you a strong hold and that premium salon finish you’re looking for. Especially great for anybody with a modern day quiff. If you want hair like a top footballer, this is the stuff you will need.

A water-based, paraben and sulphate free formula makes this product a go to for celebrities. including England International footballers Jack Grealish, Jamie Vardy and James Ward-Prowse. Use Hairbond Shaper to style it like Beckham.

Hairbond Clay:

As men have evolved with male grooming standards over the past decade, most adult men will today know what a hair clay is, if you don’t, check out our ultimate guide. The Hairbond Distorter is their professional hair clay.

Branded Green in colour, this hair clay helps those not necessarily looking for hold strength but care more so for creating texture and some flexibility in their style.

Softer than a wax, the Hairbond Distorter is a premium quality hair clay which also breaks down in the hands for a very easy application process.

Fragranced with a sweet, fruity scent, which takes me back to Love Heart sweets, this product also scores full points in the smell department.

Again, no messing around here, this one is also free from parabens and sulphates and washes out easily in water.

Noticably endorsed by celebrities including England’s Harry Winks and goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. Also fantastic for a high and tight military haircut, think Arthur Shelby style.

If a contemporary or military style doesn’t cut it for you, the Hairbond Distorter will definitely bring a Caesar haircut to life. If that doesn’t cut the mustard, check out how this amazing product can assist in styling the Ivy League haircut.

Moulder Hair Shaper

Could the Hairbond Moulder be the best hair product of all time? When Hairbond lauched in 2008 they only had two products, Moulder and Sculptor AKA “the black one and the red one.” These two products were to start a riot across the barbering industry. The Moulder being a the black branded product which was invisible when applied in the hair but gives you all the strengh, control and hold you need for a natural finish and which volumises the hair from the roots. Super practical for a short fringe.

With a fresh apple fragrance, this sweet yet satisfying hair cream is at first harder to touch but instantly disolves with just the slightest of heat from the palms of your hands.

You guessed it, another water soluble formula free from common chemicals makes this product one of the most popular Hairbond products to date. They also make this one in a 50ml size currently, perfect for travel!

Gripper Pomade

If wet look or a Peaky Blinders undercut slickback style is what you’re going for, look no further. Remember the different types of undercut haircuts. Pomades go back centuries and originally were made out of mashed apples. Modern pomades contain a whole host of fragrances, but they are usually not particularly fruity. Read our blog on the history of the pomade.

Within the past couple of hundred years pomades have evolved dramatically from pig lard concoctions to petroleum based substances. Today water-based are widely preferred, especially within the professional industry who don’t support animal cruelty.

As they say, pomades are no longer usually fruity but Hairbond Gripper Pomade is an exception! This water based pomade has a mouth watering fruity smell to it. Sometimes it reminds me of the hard “cola cubes” boiled sweets taste. Hard one to describe but no doubt you will love it too! Looking for more of a classic style, the Hairbond Gripper will accompany any 1940’s haircut style. Especially great on thicker hair types or those with naturally curly hair, check out our top tips if you have curly hair.

hairbond super

Hairbond Super

The Hairbond Super is the newest product to join the Hairbond line up. With a red logo this time (replacing the Hairbond Sculptor), the Super has a fruity blackcurrant fragrance and is the solution for anybody wanting an extreme matte finish. This creamy paste completely turns invisible once rubbed in the palms of your hands and really grips to your hair whilst you apply it. If you already liked the Hairbond Moulder and liked the results you get from the Hairbond Moulder Powder, but you want to turn the heat up with more intense results then you will love the Hairbond Super for all the same reasons.

hairbond wonder

Hairbond Wonder Primer

We all know how damaging heat can be on our locks, so Hairbond Wonder products deliver multiple options for protection during both pre-styling and regular hair styling. Great for protecting summer hair! Check out our blog on how you can use Hairbond Wonder to protect your hair from pool water this summer.

This multi-benefit formula is just the thing for keeping your hair in tip top condition. Widely used with heat stylers and hairdryers, if you say blow-dry, this is a must have. Not only does this fresh avocado fragranced conditioner keep your hair soft and silky but it acts as a pre-styling agent so you can build the foundations to your new style making the most ofusing heat accessories.

Need any more help? Here is our top tips and tricks for stylish men.