Fudge Hair – Brand & Product Review

Have you ever wanted to have the most amazing head of hair? Well, according to Fudge Hair products, now you can! As pro-active humans, we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to make our lives easier and finding hair styling solutions is not always as easy as it sounds.

It’s been a long time coming and we have finally had the opportunity to review some of the new Fudge Professional Hair products. We’ve seen a lot of buzz about these products and it has not gone unnoticed by us!

Fudge Hair came in at #4 in our List Of Top 10 Hairstyling Brands For Men as seen below. So let’s get started with reviewing their well known 75g Fudge Hair Shaper.

Fudge Hair Shaper

The Fudge Professional Hair Shaper is a medium hold texturising hair wax cream designed by Fudge Hair, for men. As one of their better selling product this product has been running for years, and claims to deliver a semi-matte finish, I would actually call them out on this, for me I got more of a shiny finish, not like a pomade high shine, just that the results were definitely not what most men would call matte..

The reason this product has been so popular for so long is because of its versatility. Most likely because of its candy like (fudge) scented fragrance. This is actually quite addictive.

This Styling hair paste can also be applied to such a wide selection of hair types but in more recent years has faced criticism since Fudge changed the hold strength from a super hold 10/10 to well, a miserable 4/10.

At around £15.50 for 75g, this price point sits with brands that offer bigger 100ml products for around £20. If you love the fudge factor to the Fudge Shaper but find yourself disappointed with the hold strength, definitely consider the Shaper Professional Hair Toffee 100ml made by Hairbond United Kingdom, this is definitely 5/5 for hold and offers similar benefits to styling as well as a tastey butterscotch toffee fragrance, plus if you care about packaging quality, it doesn’t get any better.

Matte Hed Extra

Fudge Professional Matte Hed Extra is an extra high hold stying clay for men. It is Fudge’s highest hold matte finish styling product. Fudge Hair claim the kaolin and bentonite clays in the Matte Hed Extra actually absorbs a lot of the moisture to keep your style matte look. This worked great, far better results than the Fudge Shaper for maximum matte effect. The polymers and waxes in the formula are to provide an extra hold which was great to help maintain styles, especially when tested in high levels of humidity.

After lots of testing I couldn’t really fault the quality of this product. The strength of this product certainly helps position Fudge Hair in the upper half of our Top Ten Hairstyling Brands For Men list. Great product!

Matte Hed Mouldable

Fudge Professional Matte Hed Mouldable claims to be a more flexible, medium holding product and I would say it is what you might expect from more of a long-lasting matte finish hair styling product. Since this product is a creme like texture, I wouldn’t expect the most natural finish like what you can achieve with other products of more like a clay consistency and the hold does sadly ware off throughout the day.

However if you are someone with a really fine hair type, I wouldn’t worry about the hold too much but would advise using something which definitely offers a more natural finish, especially if you want to achieve volume in your style. If this sounds like you, then aim more towards the Fudge Matte Hed Extra above for better results.

Fudge claim this unique clay-cream smooths easily through hair but I found it just weighed it down, even in small amounts. If matte hairstyling is important to you, check out what we named the “best matte hairstyling product of all time“.

Fudge Shampoo

Well known for their colour specific shampoo products, Fudge continue to wow us with their options. I’m not someone who is massive into hair colouring but if this is an area you are particularly interested in you can check out their Blue Shampoo, theFudge Purple Shampoo or for those wanting a brighter tone, their Blonde Shampoo.

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