BluMaan – Brand & Product Review


BluMaan is a small Canadian company founded by a male grooming youtuber, specializing in men’s grooming products.

The company has been in the spotlight for quite some time now since “how to” grooming videos rose in popularity on platforms like YouTube.

So what does this Canadian brand offer?

The BluMaan product line includes body wash, hair care, face care and skin care.

One of the main ingredients in their products is tea tree oil which has been proven to have many benefits including its ability to fight against bacteria and fungi. Another ingredient used in all of their products is willow bark extract, an active ingredient found in aspirin that provides anti-inflammatory properties for both your skin and scalp.

They also use other natural ingredients like honey, beeswax, shea butter and essential oils like lavender or sandalwood which make showering and grooming more pleasant.

But how did they perform when I ordered some of their most talked about mens hairstyling products?

BluMaan Hair Styling Products

Original Styling Meraki

This product is going into my hall of shame for the worst hair products I’ve used in the past decade, hands down. Was really excited to try it because of all the hype, but it was a huge letdown on all fronts. Don’t let this product put you off the brand, the BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay (up next – keep reading) is a massive improvement. The first thing that hits you when you open the Meraki jar is the scent, which I can best describe as synthetic mint. And while I realize scent is totally a matter of personal preference, the Meraki just smells like chemically cheap hair gel. I first used it in towel-dried hair as a prestyler, and the application was torture: unbearable tug & pull, hairs being ripped out, the works; plus a really unpleasant sticky feeling throughout. Totally not the experience I was expecting, especially considering that I had prepped my hair with the Hairbond Wonder Primer (my go to pre-styler). The blow drying process was equally painful. The finish was relatively natural, but with an underlying dryness that actually amplified frizz and flyaways despite the decent hold. I’d say this product works better for finer hair, but if you have thick coarse hair like mine my suggestion is to try an alternative.

BluMaan Cavalier Clay

Messy hair, don’t care? Well, this product could be just right for you, it’s worlds apart from the Blumaan Original Meraki recipe. The packaging is still cheap and washability isn’t the best but I found this one works particularly well in wavy, thick and hard to control hair. It’s re-styleable after you apply it and gives you the messy, low-effort look. If you’re looking for a natural matte finish look, these product’s could just be right for you. Can’t seem to get as much volume as I can from the Hanz De Fuko Claymation or Hairbond Moulder but thefinish is also quite natural in comparrison and the hold is decent. The fragrance is also not offensive, but i do have other favourites.

bluMaan Hybrid Cream Clay

BluMaan Hybrid Cream Clay

The BluMaan team claim Hybrid Cream Clay is “great for people with fine or thin hair.” The creamy texture of this clay should provide a smooth application and leave the hair with a natural matte finish. The BluMaan Delayed Hold Activation formula provides a light to medium hold, 15 minutes after application. In my opinion people with fine or thin hair should be looking at stronger hold matte products which provide volume and longevity in style. Again not the best presentation from BluMaan with cheap packaging but it’s an easy one to wash out the hair however. Poor hold levels for a hair clay but application is easy, so no tugging and pulling.


Sadly the BluMaan brand didn’t make our TOP 10 HAIRSTYLING BRANDS FOR MEN list, but I do understand how this brand commercialises and monetises “how to style” videos online and has a range of different products you can work through. If you like many others are still interested in trying these products for yourself, you can try theres products here at UKhairbrands!


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