TIGI Bed Head For Men – Brand & Product Review

In this review, we take a look at the TIGI company and the best selling hair products from the TIGI Bed Head For Men range. With so many hair styling brands out there for men, it can be hard to know where to start as an every day product user. TIGI placed 8th place in our Top 10 Hairstyling brands for men list.

TIGI Bed Head For Men

It is no secret that hair wax or top hair clay loosen the purse strings. So, we were excited to uncover the Bed Head budget option with TIGI. But we wanted to know if any of these cheaper products actually share any of the same benefits as some of the more exclusive professional options at higher price points.

Whilst TIGI claim their budget products are for professionals we all know you can pick up Bed Head products from a huge selection of supermarkets and discount stores.

For this review we just wanted to focus on the TIGI better sellers for men, but did any of them make our best of all time products list.

Hair Stick

Out of all the crazy Bed Head designed products by TIGI, one of the most gimmicky products is their Hair Stick, why? Because it’s like a glue stick but this one was made for your hair.

Supposedly aimed at “cool people”, you know who you are, this lavender fragranced hair stick is supposed to add instant texture and hold with a semi-matte finish.

In a circular motion you apply this stick to your head. Then using your hands you sculpt your hairstyle. I thought the stick would be to save you getting your hands messy but I guess not.

When I bought this product more recently to review it again, I noticed it was noticeably different to the same product I used a couple of years ago. According to TIGI they like to change their product formulas frequently which I found alarming.

We may change our formulations from time to time to improve our range.”

Considering this hair stick wasn’t as good as the last one, I was left disappointed this time.

I would suggest to anybody considering trying this to first decide on whether you want a matte finish or a low / high shine product first. This was clearly non of the above. For me personally, I hoped it would turn out to be a decent matte product but it turned out to be a middle of the road kind of product and it’s certainly reflected in it’s price point and lack in overall performance.

Matte Separation

With the introduction of TIGI Matte Separation, hair stylists are now able to offer their clients a more versatile product that can be used on all types of hair. The Matte Separation was formulated with the idea in mind that everyone has different needs when it comes to styling their locks.

Whether you have short or long hair, need texture or want something more sleek and smooth, the Matte Separation should work rather well no matter what your style preference may be. According to reviews so far, it seems like this product works best for people withshort/medium length locks who need some lift at the roots but still want some hold through out the day. Whether it’s a completely matte product is another question but I would recommend this over the Hair Stick any day.

TIGI claim the Matte Separation is a workable wax with a matte definition for a hold that’s strong enough to resist humidity. It is workable with a matte result but the hold was questionable for me. Probably better suited to those with a shorter hair style.

Fragrance wise, the “Fresh Green Aromatic” scent wasn’t particularly pleasant but if you’re someone who doesn’t care about that sort of thing then you shouldn’t complain for the price one of these will set you back.

If you’re looking at alternatives with noticeably better performance, check out what happened when we put up TIGI’s Matte Separation up against Hairbond Moulder in our battle of the brands blog – see who won.

Bed Head Manipulator Matte

One of the nicer smelling men’s TIGI products the Bed Head Manipulator has a tropical scent to it. This one doesn’t actually belong in the Bed Head For Men range but it is a top seller so we couldn’t ignore it.

As this one has a slightly different formulation, i’d say the hold is firmer and lasts longer but perhaps not in the best way. You get the control but you don’t get any real texture from this product. If you have a short fringe haircut you will not struggle.

The hair grips and you can manipulate it well but if you like to play and reshape your style then this product is a no go. You might be best off with this if you have really short hair like a military haircut and want it a bit spiky.

Slick Trick

The Bed Head for Men Slick Trick Pomade is a non-greasy option. Ideal for Peaky Blinders slick backs and classic 1940’s haircuts.

That same Bed Head For Men fragrance again, same or similar to the Matte Separation wax.

Sure, the hold on this pomade doesn’t match competior pomades, but it does offer a medium hold allowing you to style your hair without taking too much time before getting your hair just where you want it. Washing this Slick Trick pomade is also quite easy.

Bed Head for Men Pure Texture

Bed Head for Men Pure Texture is a versatile paste fusion for you guys who want controlled texture and separation, with a matte finish. TIGI claim this helps with preventing moisture loss and fights humidity and frizz.

Pure Texture also has the same Bed Head For Men fragrance as both the Slick Trick and Matte Separation wax. Ideal for Ceasar haircut styles.

TIGI shampoo and conditioner

For those who don’t already know, TIGI Bed Head has just released a new line of hair products. The company’s newest innovation includes the launch of their shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray. This is the first time that TIGI Bed Head has included these three components in one singlepackage. But will it revolutionize your hair care routine?

With these new products, TIGI say you’ll be able to wash and condition your hair without drying it out or making it oily. The brand also promises that you’ll have shiny, healthy looking locks by using this product as well as natural waves with no frizziness! Stay tuned for more information about this exciting release from TIGI. Review coming soon.

Overall Final Thoughts

TIGI Bed Head For Men is a budget-friendly option that comes in very cheap. The downside of this product is the inclusion of petrolatum. Although not all people have sensitivities to petroluem, it can be an issue if you do and tend to get acne.

Although there are some cons to this brand, overall I would recommend it as well worth trying and compare it yourself to some of the other popular manufacturers.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option with cheap fragrances then TIGI products may be perfect for you!

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