Toni & Guy Matte Paste Review

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Welcome to UK Hair Brands! Today we look at one of the cheapest, mass-manufactured, hairstyling products on the market. Here we have the Toni & Guy Matte Paste Review.

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Packaging 1/5

Low quality, cheap aluiminium tin. You’ll find it hard to find one of these which hasn’t already crumpled. If you’re lucky enough to find one that isnt scratched or dented, you may just find the lid isn’t so difficult to re-attach.

Consistency 2/5

Tacky and creamy for what you would expect for a matte product. Whilst low shine look is achieved, there are much better alternatives if you want a strong natural looking product.

hairbond super fibre

Hold 2/5

In the beginning the hold seemed to do its job but durability was poor and product seemed to dry out over the course of the day.

Washability 1/5

After a deep cleaning with warm water this formula definitely needed a thorough shampooing. Other products of this nature wash out way easier.

Overall 2/5

Considering all factors we averaged out the overall score out of five a much room for improvement; two.

Whilst this is a low budget product, thats great, but if you’re like us, you’ll wish you had put this amount towards a higher performer in the category.

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