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Officially launching later this October, the Hairbond Super Fibre and Hairbond Power Professional Hair Wax are due to flood the men’s hairstyling product market. These are no doubt two of the most highly anticipated products from hands down the most popular UK professional brand, Hairbond United Kingdom.

Hairbond say they released these products to cater for some of the changes ahead in men’s hairstyling trends. As we enter a new decade, we can see howcultured changes have begun to lead many men to products which achieve a true matte look and textured style.

hairbond super fibre

Only last week I took my regular trip to the local barbers, as Hairbond suppliers, they said they could not wait for the new products to drop, because customers have been pestering them for it already.

Don’t worry if you want to pick one of these up and your barber is not a Hairbond supplier then you can pick one up here at

The new Hairbond Super Fibre is a new grey coloured paste/clay type product enriched with the healthy protein usually popular with expensive treatment shampoo’s; keratin.

hairbond super fibre

In my many years of product testing I have never come across keratin in a hair fibre or clay before! Super has a 4/5 hold strength, which i’d say is bang on and suitable for styling any hair length or thickness, and a fresh fruity fragrance which is rather moreish. Did somebody say Tooty Fruity?!

hairbond super fibre

Hairbond Super Fibre

hairbond super fibre

The Hairbond Super Fibre is a strong hold wax designed to give the ultimate matte grip that lasts. Infused with Keratin for extra strength to the hair particle structure.

It combines with plenty of tack for natural hold and is perfect for messy, textured styles with a dry finish.

When to use: Works very well with all hair lengths, giving ample grip and hold to assist in achieving a great look that lasts. Tooty Fruity fragrance that freshens up your hair.

hairbond super fibre

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