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Next up we are going to check out two of the best selling matte hair products from two of today’s most prominent UK hair stying brands. We will be comparing results, ranking both the Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturising Powder and the Hairbond United Kingdom Mattifier Professional Hair Cement. We rank each product out of 5, across 7 categories in order to determine which matte hair styling product is the best.

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A bit about the brands

Whilst Slick Gorilla is a relatively new hairstyling brand on the market, their success has grown from the growing trends in matte hairstyles. This brand runs out of Leeds City centre. Even though it is still early days for the Yorkshire company, the Slick Gorilla brand have started to evolve and diversify into hair clays and creams, something we will feature at a later date..

“A new and emerging brand from the streets of downtown Leeds is about to hit the pavements – well hair, to be honest! We introduce to you the one and only Slick Gorilla. A hair brand created with the urban jungle in mind. Our first product – one of many we’ll be launching – is a volumising hair powder to give your mane that stand out look. Slick Gorilla’s mantra is to create the best hair products for the discerning gentleman who wants to look great and survive in the urban jungle…When only Slick will do!

Hairbond United Kingdom on the other hand has been around for 12 years and counting. A UK hairstyling brand which similarly only started with just a select few products has gone on to dominate global demand now manufacturing a range of products suited to different hair types. Unlike Slick Gorilla, Hairbond launched out of Lancashire when a barber and entrepreneur Scott Michaels saw that Britain had to represent the best-made quality products. Due to the amount of Premier League and International footballers who support the Hairbond brand, they have widely become known as the “Premier League Of Hair Styling”

“Launched in 2008, Hairbond is an authentic British hair brand that produces professional hair products. The brand products are all as a result of progression, innovation, and expression. What Hairbond offers, no other hair brand can claim. It uses the best ingredients to formulate professional products that achieve creativity and style. Hairbond has won many awards across the globe, and rightfully so.

The Hairbond brand is distinctive and luxurious, trading all over the world as the number one men’s hair product. Hairbond’s mission is to bring together different world fashion into one world stage. Therefore, to get the right hair products to achieve your best results, buy Hairbond products.

The philosophy of Hairbond is as true today as the day it was founded.  The Hairbond range has intended to deliver its promise of quality by maintaining the highest possible standards, using top of the range product formulations and ingredients to create an authentic British solution for the ultimate hairstyling results.”

First lets get stuck in to the Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturising Powder

Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturising Powder

slick gorilla hair styling powder vs hairbond united kingdom moulder


Nice job, clean and tidy. The fact that the shaker only comes half full gripes me. Despite that it’s well made and the white boxes stand out on the shelf. 3/5


Can get a little messy, I tested the application process wearing a black tshirt just to see how much was actually missing my hair/head. Safe to say I discovered loads of wasted excess powder all over my shoulders and chest after what I thought was a straight forward application. Be careful with this one, it comes out quickly too. 3/5


Good lift, good volume. Although I only used small amounts, I got good results.


A fine powder. 5/5


You need a quality finishing product if you want to get the most out of this powder. The powder alone doesn’t give you enough stability. Use a quality finishing product to seal the deal.



What They Say

“Put a small amount of powder on your palm or apply directly to dry hair. Mess it up and make sure the powder is distributed all over the styling area. Style your hair the way you want. Remember you can rework the powder later or simply add more to get the desired look”

Now let’s see what the Hairbond Mattifier scores under testing!

Hairbond United Kingdom Mattifier Professional Hair Cement

american crew fiber vs hairbond united


Definitely the best hair product packaging I’ve ever seen. Hairbond products really do look the part even when just sat on the shelf in the bathroom. My favourite feature is the inner resealable tab inside under the first screwtop lid. This keeps it fresh at all times. Love the gold colouring on the Mattifier in particular. 5/5


The Mattifier does break down well into more of a waxy texture, I recommend you warm your hands first for maximum effect. Once you use the heat from your hands it disappears and application is effortless even though it has a strong grip to it. 4/5


A great feature of the Mattifier is that you can style aggressively but then rework it if you feel. I’d say this product gives you a true matte finish for any hairstyle. 5/5


This is the thickest consistency out of all the Hairbond stylers. 4/5


It is labelled as 5 notches out of 5 for hold. 5/5



What They Say

“Take your short, textured style to the next level with Hairbond Mattifier Professional Hair Cement. Ultra-strong hold and a classic matte finish combine to create premium hairstyles. Hairbond Mattifier Cement means your style keeps locked in all day long, whilst the advanced formula means it’s still reworkable throughout the day. This product is ideal for spectacular and edgy hairstyles. This Mattifier Cement is one of the newest products from Hairbond and comes with a pleasant fruity Cherry scent. Also available in 50ml.”

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And the winner is..

With both products scoring an overall high score of 4/5 the Hairbond Mattifier Professional Hair Cement and the Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Texturising Powder draw in this battle!

Thanks for tuning in. Lots more to come..

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