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Every man knows the cheap hair gel you can get at any supermarket. Those big jars with the brightest colors. You may well use this kind of stuff as your go-to hair product. And there is no shame in that, but many men don’t know there’s a huge choice out there and many options for a better hair style.

I’ve put this blog together especially for those who usually buy cheap hair gel yet are curious about some of the other options.

Welcome to the men’s hair styling product market!

What is hair gel?

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The name hair gel is often used to describe a wide variety of hairstyling products.

Some men would even call hair wax or hair cream a hair gel, even though that are completely different kind of products.

Initially hair gel was marketed to simply keep your combed hair in place.

The product is relatively wet and usually provides a medium to strong hold with a lot of shine.

In most cases hair gels are water based nowadays.

Because they are water based, they harden in the hair, so that your hair stays in place whole day long.

The downside is that it can get crunchy and flaky, especially when you wake up the next morning.

A lot of the cheap hair gel from the supermarkets are made badly with chemicals, alcohol which dries the hair out and well, if you like these products, wait til you find out what else there is if you just look that little bit further.

Alternatives for cheap hair gel

Nowadays you have so many alternatives for those super market hair gels. I will admit, hair gel is easy and cheap, but they are not very versatile. Also your dream partner isn’t really looking for a guy with super shiny and crunchy hair.

It is way nicer if they can just move their hands through fashionable flexible hair.

One of the most popular alternatives for cheap hair gel are hair clays and hair waxes.

This is because more and more men are looking for products that provide a high hold without the shiny finish.

Matte finish products are very popular and your hair will not harden that much or not at all if you use premium hair wax or hair clay products.

These products are great alternatives for cheap hair gel.

Popular matte finish hairstyling products for men

Higher quality hairstyling products that I would say are closest in texture and shine are called pomades. Pomades can be either oil based or water based. Water based pomades have a lot of similarities with the traditional hair gels as they also provide a high hold and a shiny finish. Pomades are usually just a bit thicker and the result is more subtle while also containing better ingredients for your hair.

Popular gel pomades for men

If you’re looking to replace that old cheap hair gel you rarely use, consider these products. There is a wider selection of hair creams, pastes, powders, sprays and more.


When you are happy with your cheap hair gel from one of the major supermarkets, then that is great and I am glad you found your product.

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But when you are curious about the other products out there and want to see how you can achieve better hairstyles with better hairstyling products, then think back of this post when you find yourself standing in front of the shelves again.

There are so many better alternatives to try.

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