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Pomade, the types and differences

Before we can decide what the best pomade is, first we have to understand pomade, what it is and where it comes from. Check out my earlier blog on the history of pomade here.

Pomade, traditionally the hair oil product for the most varied hairstyles over centuries. Naturally a greasy and difficult to wash product. In recent years, many types and brands have been added to the market, so now let’s take an overview of the different types and look at their unique properties.

Oil and Water based pomades

Pomades as a whole can roughly be divided into two variants, the old-fashioned pomade based on oil and fats and the relatively new variant that is water-based.

Oil based

The old-fashioned pomades were made from pork fat and later oily grease products. These do not dry out and do not harden, which makes them very suitable for sleek and smooth hairstyles, but here is a big disadvantage.

Oil based pomades are very difficult to wash out and aren’t the best for your scalp. The big advantage of these pomades is their hold strength, no matter what you do with your hair it almost does not go out of shape. If it does go out of shape, it is easy to re-style.

Even a shower or a rain shower does not rinse the pomade from your hair, so with a little bit of this pomade you can do for days.

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Water based

A water-based pomade in my opinion is the best pomade, water soluble ingredients tends to bring your hair together.

For a number of years now, higher quality water-based pomades have taken over the market, these are very close to the oil-based Pomades in terms of looks and have the great advantage that they are easy to wash from your hair.

You can best compare this type of Pomade with a combination of a gel and an oil-based pomade. In terms of hold and shine, the pomades are quite similar.

Unlike the oil-based pomades, these pomades do dry out and harden a little. If you are going for maximum shine, the water-based pomades offer the solution. Shine is easier to achieve with a water-based pomade than with oil. You can of course also use these two products at the same time.

For your extra hold you get an oil-based Pomade and for the Shine you finish it with a water-based Pomade.

Maximum Shine and Hold! But personally, I would say stick to water based..

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The hold of a Pomade is equal to the strength of a Pomade. This is different from hardening your hair, as you notice with a styling gel.

The strength of a hold indicates how well your hair stays in place. Oil-based pomades are known for their good hold without hardening the hair. Even after a shower, the Hold of an oil-based Pomade is still strong.

Water-based pomades usually have more of a medium hold, these pomades can harden and lower quality ones dry out. For the best user experience, always invest in the best pomade..

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Shine is the degree of shine of your hair, a pomade with a high shine often darkens your hair a bit. You know them those bold looking, smooth and wet looking hairstyles.

They have a high shine. Water-based pomades naturally have a higher shine than oil-based pomades. The shine properties are increased through all kinds of additions of natural oils, so that even wet look effects can be achieved.

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The Best Pomade

Whilst there are probably thousands of brands of pomade out there on the market, I can only speak from experience.

I have trialled way over a hundred different brands and none of them come close to the fragrance, performance, style, packaging, and overall quality of the Gripper Professional Hair Pomade by Hairbond United Kingdom which to me makes it the best pomade.

Hairbond UK manufactured their water based pomade which is also free from parabens and sulphates. The Gripper’s tangy fruity fragrance actually reminds me of cola cubes and takes me back to the days at primary school when I used to grab “a quarter” from the corner shop after school.

Order your Pomade Online here

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