How Much Manscaping Is Too Much? Leave a comment

Manscaping refers to the removal or trimming of the hair on the body of a man for cosmetic purposes. The subject is a taboo to talk and often divides both men and women. Some don’t think you should have a hairy body, and others believed the more groomed, the better you look. But if you are manscaping, how much of it is too much?

Well, there is no answer really. It all comes down to your personal preferences and what you think you want and is best for you. If you like to have all the hair flowing on your body, then ignore anybody that tells you you shouldn’t (that excludes your partner, we don’ want you to blame us if anything goes wrong).

Or on the contrary, if you choose to get rid of all the hair from your whole body, that choice is yours to make. Of course, some of the people who want you to do some manscaping, already do it themselves, but won’t admit it.

Gym goers will find manscaping very good. In certain sports such as cycling, and swimming, it is used often. Swimmers need it most for aerodynamics. Another great thing about manscaping is that it brings out muscle tone compared to a hairy body. So if you want to boost the appearance of those toned muscles, we advise that you bring out your trimmer and start sculpting away.

Manscaping, make sure you do it right!

1. Before you go manscaping, ensure you exfoliate your body, just like you would your face before shaving it. It lifts the hair, preparing them for the razor, while also protecting from ingrown hairs.

2. To shorten the body hairs, make sure you use a beard or hair trimmer, and if a clean shave is what you want, prepare them for shaving.

3. Get a leg groomer or a razor to remove the shortened hair and make it go smooth. You can ignore this step if you are just going for a trim

4. To prevent the clean, open skin from drying out, apply some body moisturizer.


And there you have it. There’s no amount of manscaping that is too much, always remember to do what is right for you. However, next time when you are at the gym working away on your muscles, remember, manscaping can bring them out further and make them look better.

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