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There are not a lot of haircuts that you could name that date as far back as the year 1000BC, but that’s just the case with the Caesar Haircut. (Some people think it’s crazy that hairstyles from just 20 and 30 years ago are returning).

The hairstyle has its roots with Julius Caesar. It hides a thinning top and a receding hairline.

It is neat, easily styled, and great for all occasions, so you should make this your next haircut.

Here’s what you should know about the caesar cut.

What Is The Caesar Haircut?

The classic caesar cut is a short haircut that has an even length at the top, the back and sides. The fringe is natural, but also has a neat, uniform look to the haircut.

Although, not too different from the french crop, the main difference is due to the length on the back and sides, the difference with the fringe style and texture.

Wheras a French crop is often worn with the fringe flat and straight down with lots of texture added, the caesar cut fringe has more of a less structured and natural appearance.

The caesar cut is very versatile and can be worn with straight or wavy, thin or thick hair. But it works mostly for gents with receding hairlines.

It is the perfect haircut for a thinning top when all of its sides are made short and with the fringe shaped at the hairline.

How To Ask Your Barber For A Caesar Cut?

If you are looking for the classic caesar cut, then you would typically want around 0.5 to 2 inches scissor cut all over with a caesar fringe.

Let your barber be free to give you a variation that suits your face shape and hairline. But if you want to bring it up to date just like many reincarnated classic cuts, there are many modern day variations you can wear.

Although a caesar cut is even all the way round, the most popular way to wear it in 2020 is a cross between the caesar and crop with a fade on the back and sides.

You can go any length as you’d like, even going down to a skin fade with the modern day caesar cuts. Along with the fade, you can add more texture to the top for a messy, stylish look.

Styling The Caesar Cut

To style the caesar cut, use a product that adds texture and gives a matte finish. You don’t want something with too much shine for this haircut, as it could end up looking like the gelled down fringe look from the early 2000s.

The best product for a caesar cut is a light matte finish clay product like the Hairbond Distorter Clay, which will help to bring out more texture in the hair for a more natural look. If you need something a little stronger but want to keep texture, volume, and a natural matte finish, the Hairbond United Kingdom Moulder might be a better choice for you.

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