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The 1940s were among the most profound times in history. Although the largest part of this decade was taken up by World War 2, fashion and hairstyles of the gentlemen of this era always seemed to stand out in a cool, retro way. The top classic 1940s haircuts are still as relevant today as they were back then. Here are my top 4 most popular men’s 1940s haircuts and how you can style them in 2020.

1940s Side parting

This hairstyle was one of the most popular 1940s haircuts for movie stars. It was frequently seen on stars including the likes of Cary Grant. The emphasis of this hair cut was mostly on the parting, in the 40s the parting was kept long on the top, and a bit shorter on the sides and back.

Now you can make this haircut more classic in 2020 by keeping more hair length on the top, a shorter length around the sides and back. Get your parting line a bit cleaned so as to add more emphasis on the cut instead of only the parting. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having it the way the men in the 40s did.

Whatever length you want your 1940’s influenced style of the side parting haircut, you can style it with a medium to high shine pomade to give you a cleaner trendy look. Tip: avoid petroleum based pomades. Advances in technology means water based pomades can now work just as well if not better than traditional oils. I recommend trying the Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade to see what I mean.

The crew cut

With the outbreak of the war, it’s obvious that most men joined the army and adopted the military hairstyle “The crew cut” as this hair style was easy to groom and maintain. The crew cut has more hair left on top, it is cut very short by the sides and back.

To give it that 2020 trendy look, simply leave the initial elements to stay the same. That is, you’ll leave more hair on top, have the back and the sides cut very low, even a fade would bring it into a contempory style, then get the fringe cut into a crop style leaving enough length for product to finish.

When styling the crew cut, leave it very natural on top. You can give it some hold and professional texture with a matte finish product.


The pompadour hairstyle actually started being used by the men of the 40s but gained more popularity in the 60s. This haircut had a lesser volume and was mostly worn by guys who didn’t want too much volume to their hair.

Now you can make the pompadour haircut more stunning in 2020 by adding much volume than it had then in the 40s and keep the length of the sides and back very clean and short.

To style this haircut, use paste-like products to give it a good texture and firm hold.

Slicked back hair

Another big hair cut well appreciated by the movie stars of the 1940s. Back in that era, they used products like petroleum jelly, lard, and Vaseline to style the haircut giving it that slicked-back look.

Luckily for us now in 2020, we have several products that can get it to look more slicked and even a lot easier, without harmful ingredients which are water soluble.

To get the slicked back 1940’s haircuts to look more sexy and trendy get it shorter around the sides and back with a little fade. Style with a high shine pomade to give it that relaxed and modern look.

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