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As men begin to switch to more natural, textured hairstyles, new products are popping up all over the place like never before. Some men are starting to switch from traditional pomades to texture powders, pastes, clays, and sea salt spray.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the latter – salt sprays. What exactly is salt spray and how can you use it on your hair?

What Is Salt Spray?

Salt spray or sea salt spray does just what it says on the tin. It’s a spray that contains salt designed to mimic the after-sea-splash look. Sea salt absorbs natural oils in the hair which is why it is perfect for your hair. This means that with the spray you can create natural, textured, and wavy looks.

How Much Salt Spray To Use?

How much spray you should use depends on your hair type and the kind of product you’re using. For most products, those with thinner hair should use less, and those with thicker hair should use a little more. However, all of this is just trial and error for your hair type and the product being used.

Some salt sprays have stronger holds, some dry out the hair more, and some make the hair look greasier. Whichever, you chose, bare all of this in mind and start small. Adding a product is always easier than removing it.

How To Apply Salt Spray?

Salt spray is often used as a pre-styler and it is recommended to apply it to damp hair first before blow drying. This normally brings the most out of the salt spray as you can get more added volume and texture in the hair, which is the main purpose of salt spray in the first place.

However, you can apply most salt sprays to dry hair and leave to dry naturally too. This is great for longer hairstyles. This is fine if you are in a rush and just want to add a little bit of texture to your hair. Although, the volume you’d get won’t be the same than if you had used with a hairdryer though.

What Styles To Use Salt Spray For?

For long length hairstyles Salt sprays work very well as a pre styling product that adds texture and volume. If you are on a long length hairstyle, you can use salt spray on it to get some texture and waves.

For short to medium length hairstyles

Sea Salt Sprays are not just for longer length hairstyles, they work great with short to medium textured hairstyles too. To use it, simply spray a small amount of your favorite product into damp hair and blow dry through. Then use a matte clay or paste to finish for additional hold and to remove the “fluffy look” of the hair.

Final thoughts

Over the past decade I must have tried hundreds of sea salt sprays. The most effective and my hands down favourite has definately without a shadow of doubt been the Texturiser Sea Salt Spray made by the British, celebrity loved haircare brand Hairbond United Kingdom. Too bad I found this product later than I would have liked.

The Texturiser spray is easy to use and styles quickly. It adds volumes of texture without leaving any sticky or greasy feeling to the hair like you get with some. It is designed to give an impressive appearance akin to the ultra-fashionable appearance from splashing in the sea and delivers this every time.

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