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The high and tight haircut with its military origins has its root from being the perfect hairstyle for those wearing helmets regularly in keeping with military regulations.

If you want something low maintenance from day to day, thenthis style could just be what you want. Here’s all about the high and tight haircut.

What Is The High And Tight Haircut?

The high and tight haircut involves having hair clippered high on the back and sides. The military high and tight typically were either the buzz or crew cut, but the top can be in virtually any style you want, as long as you have the back and sides ultra-high with not as much as blend at the top.

How To Ask Your Barber For A High And Tight Haircut

Ask for the length you want on the back and sides to be taken high and tight. This can be seen on a lot of styles all the way down to a skin fade, but you don’t need to go this short if you don’t intend to do that.

Then get the top into your preferred style. Here are some style inspiration to pair and your high and tight.

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High And Tight Buzz Cut

This is the simplest of all the cuts on this list and usually requires no styling at all. It is known to most people as the Jarhead haircut. You’ll want to go down to a shorter on the back and sides, often to almost a skin fade, while wearing the top with a length that is only slightly longer.

High And Tight Buzz Crew

The “buzz crew” is the most modern haircut on the list. It is not just a buzz cut nor quite a crew cut. It is actually something in between, with a heavily textured top. The primary difference between the buzz crew and the crew cut is that there’s not as much length in the fringe to push over.

Like all the other haircuts on the list, your barber will take the sides high and tight, and wear the top to finger length or less with heavy texture throughout. Use a matte finish product like the Hairbond Moulder to style.

High And Tight Crew Cut

The classic high and tight and the one that comes to mind the most thought of by people is the crew cut. For this style, get your barber to leave some length in the fringe and take the hair shorter towards the crown. To style it, use a small amount of a strong matte product like Hairbond’s Mattifier Cement.

High And Tight Side Part

This is a real classic and will likely not be taken as high as a lot of the others on the list as you’ll leave some length on the side for the part, but you can see the difference between this side parting and something more traditional.

Take down the sides, between a skin fade and a number 1, and leave some length on top with more fringe length towards the crown. For a real definition and for that high and tight look, add a hard part, but keep in mind that you’ll be committing to this style for a while.

Use a shine pomade like the Hairbond Gripper Pomade to style a classic high and tight side part. Moreover, you know I only rate water based products which are also paraben and sulphate free. Hairbond have been one of the major players over the last decade to provide these benefits to their products.

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