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David Beckham is one of the UK’s most stylish personalities. Right from his playing days, he has always been a style symbol and over the years he has inspired plenty of fashion trends for men. You’ll discover some of his most iconic hairdos in this article and some pointers to styling them. Let’s get started.

1. Modern Pompadour

At the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Beckham sported the modern pompadour with ease. Longer hair on the top and sides gives it a good height while a neatly trimmed edge in the back gives a sleek finish.

To try this classic style, use an enriching texturiser sea salt spray to mist your hair then work it in from the tips to the roots. Blow-dry the hair as you pull upward and back. This will add airy volume while training your hair to bend in the right direction. I’ve only just posted about sea salt sprays, click to read more here.

Apply a strong hold finishing product, then sculpt your pompadour with your hands in the way you want, shaping the sides of the top hair towards the center then smoothing the ends back. Check out reviews on the Mattifier and Shaper by premium line Hairbond United Kingdom. These styling products will work perfect for this style.

2. Hat Hair

The Hat Hair is one of Beckham’s most simple yet cutting-edge style. To cultivate this Saturday morning casual chic look, cover your bedhead with a slouchy knit cap. This hairstyle works best with short hair, but if necessary, longer locks can be tucked underneath.

3. Side Shave Rave

The Side Shave Rave is a relaxed take on the Beckham Pompadour. This style sees the soccer star all but bald along the sides of the head with a longer mop on top and at the back. That devil-may-care demeanor the celebrity has become known from the fringy ends and a tousled, no-comb top.

To get this hairstyle, ask your stylist to use a number one blade to trim the sides close from the curve of the skull to the hairline. Then trim the rest of your hair into uneven 3-inch layers. Use a medium hold hair wax to work this Beckham style, and separate sections using your fingers, so that the overall effect is slightly spiked on top and relaxed at the edges.

4. Spiky Caesar

All hail the Spiky Caesar, especially when pulled off the David Beckham way. This shorter hairstyle features brushing from the crown of the head to the front fringe. The athlete goes for the classic cut, which is short all round but has no taper in front.

In keeping with his trend-setting style, he wears it spiky, with the short Caesar bangs brushed from the forehead to the back. To get the Beckham Caesar, trim your hair to the desired length. Work in some texturising wax and brush back for a slightly edgy and spiky finish that differentiates Beckham’s Caesar from the rest.

5. The David Beckham Close Shave

The close shave is a summertime classic for guys always on the go. The hairstyle requires little to no maintenance and keeps you cool with rising temperatures. To get this, ask your stylist to buzz your head completely while leaving your hair short but still visible. To channel the vintage David Beckham, add some earrings.

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