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Have you been wondering how you look with a beard? Older? More mature? Stronger?

If we’re going to do this, first it is essential to pick the right one for your face shape and style if you want the best results.

You don’t have to be an on-trend person to know beards are epic and can complete your look in a special way. But how do you pick a one that is just right for you? Let’s build you a beard bro!

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Why grow a beard?

It shows you care about looking fashionable if you pick one that is suitable and well maintained. But the true reason is that beards make you appear more dominant. You stand out in a crowd and bearded men are seen as older, stronger, and more aggressive.

Face shape

There are recommended styles for particular face shapes. But before you decide what face type you have check out this fantastic brush to soften and nourish your facial hair by Bluebeards Revenge

Long narrow face

If your face is narrow, then the best style is the one that keeps air on the chin but at a minimum length. If the beard looks longer, the more narrow and longer your face looks.

Round face

For a round face, choose a fuller style or go with a goatee. Both beards make your face look more narrow than it is.

Square face

An all over beard clipped close to the face is perfect.

Rectangular face

With a short style, you can soften your jawline and make your face appear less elongated.

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The Different Types

Stubble beard

Stubble is more a facial hair growth that can hardly be classified as a beard growth. Stubble makes is more like an “I am too lazy to shave” kind of look, which is the in style at the moment. However, that’s not to say not shaving is as easy as maintaining it.

Short beard

Sometimes referred to as the holiday option. However, this short style shows masculinity, and more control and power to your look. If you want to go for something that is not too much of the full beard and not much of the stubble, this is the way to grow.


The classic way to go is the full beard. Unfortunately; it is not easy to achieve this as not every man can grow one. The beard works mostly for those that have solid facial hair growth.

The ducktail beard

This is a twist of the original full beard. As the name suggests, it is is quite similar to a duck’s tail. People who grow this kind of style sit in between a full style and a more sophisticated groomed look. Celebrities who have made this style popular include Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt.

The extended goatee beard

Also called the tailback or the Hollywoodian, the extended goatee beard is a combination of the goatee and the mustache. The Hollywood name comes from a period in Hollywood where almost everyone was sporting it.

The Garibaldi beard

Want a Viking’s vibe? The Garibaldi is it. This type is perfectly suited to men looking for that slightly unkempt but macho style.

And that’s it, guys. If you are ready to let it grow and get a more dominant and sophisticated look, these options should help you know what’s best for you.

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