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The word “textured” has been thrown about recently with regards to haircuts. The textured haircut is the messier, heavily textured cut which became more and more popular since the “Bed head” trend of the 2000s. What is the textured haircut all about and what are the best styles for you?

What Is A Textured Haircut?

A textured haircut is basically adding separation and definition in the hair in order to create different lengths or layers within it. In easier terms, it may look a lot messier and structured to you compared to a straight natural haircut, or hair that has no texture added through.

Textured haircuts in my mind are essential. as without a textured cut you could just end up with hair looking like one of those mini Lego figures we used to play with as kids.

I want a Textured Haircut please?

Your barber will use either a texturizing shear, razor or thinning scissors to add different lengths in the hair. These will create different hair lengths, giving a choppy, messy look to your hair.

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Will a Textured Haircut suit me?

A great option for most men are textured hairstyles. They work well with thinning hair as the messier, unstructured nature distracts from the area where the hair is thinning in. And if your hair is thick or unruly, then adding texture just makes it much easier to style after leaving the barbershop as it takes some weight out of the hair.

The Textured Crop

Over the last year, the crop has become one of the most popular haircuts as men are preferring textured cuts that can be easily styled. This cut can be commonly seen worn with a skin fade on the back and sides, and the fringe can be worn in any way you like.

To style It, use a salt spray followed by a moulder powder/ texture dust for more texture.

Short Textured Quiff

The textured quiff is a great in-between haircut for men who don’t plan on going too short, and don’t want too much styling in the morning. It gives you a good amount of length on top to play with. Leave the front a bit longer and take the hair shorter through to the crown. When you decide to style the shorted textured quiff, it is all about blow drying.

Longer Textured Quiff

The big brother of the short texture quiff is this longer version that gives you even more to play with. Likely, the sides will be short with more length at the top to style.

Like with the previous one, and more importantly, blow drying will be your best friend with this style. You want plenty of volume with this haircut.

Short Back And Sides With Textured Top

Over the last one year, this haircut has grown popular again. It can be worn in any way, with a skin fade on the back and sides, or as a buzz cut but grown out, it’s really up to you.

But with this style, leave just enough length to style on top and add plenty texture through the length you have.

Texturising Styling Products

No matter what group your hair type belongs to, you will always be able to maximise your texturising results using the right products. I have been testing hair styling products for the last 15 years and nothing kicks off your styling routine better than the Texturiser Sea Salt Spray by Hairbond United Kingdom.

If you’re looking for texture, look no further.

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