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At number 1, we have the most popular military haircut. The military has a great influence on most of the haircuts we see nowadays. In fact, it is possible the haircut you have on right now, if shorter, originated in some way in the military.

And the reason is that military haircuts are typically short and in more extreme cases fade, they are also low maintenance and more hygenic. To put it plainly, the closer you are to a battlefield, the shorter your haircut gets.

Military haircuts have been very popular, and because of their simplicity and masculine look, they always shown from the war times decades ago. So here are 3 of men’s military haircut you should try today.

1. “Buzz Cut” Military Haircut

At number one we have the buzz cut! The buzz cut comes in different shapes and names. Cuts like the burr cut and the butch cut also belong to the buzz cut category. But the main difference with these cuts is the length on the sides and the top.

The typical buzz cut is has no transitions in length between the sides and back. The military uses it because of its ease.

However, nowadays, we are seeing the buzz cut being paired with a fade on the back and sides, normally as a skin fade, and the top left slightly longer in length to about 2-5 to add style to the cut.

One benefit of the buzz cut is that it requires no styling at all. However for a more stylish buzz cut, I certainly recommend using a hair styling moulder powder for a more textured and stylish finish.

2. “High and Tight” Military Haircut

When we think of the military haircut, the one that comes to our mind the most is high and tight.

The term high and tight can be used to describe any cut with one length on the sides being taken up high and tight (to the point where no change in length can be seen under a military cap).

The more common high and tight haircut is worn with a crew cut style on top, which leaves some length through the front of the hair and getting shorter towards the crown.

After many trends with lower and mid fades, the high and tight has become popular again with David Beckham and Tommy Egan in the Power series wearing different variations of it.

I recommend styling this haircut with a top quality, light and flexible matte product as if you use anything wet look, greasy or too heavy, you end up with the long top creeping over the bald or short sides and it might look like you’ve cut your own hair rather badly this way. Unless of course your intentions are “punk”.

3. “Regulation” Military Haircut

This is the smarter and longer haircut that is normally associated with most military haircuts, and that is why the higher ranking officials are the ones who wear it.

The haircut is basically a side parting with a fade on the back and sides, worn normally in the military down to a skin fade and low reg (low fade) or high reg (high fade).

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