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Whether you’re traveling to a sunny beach, a warm place, or up to the mountains to enjoy the last bit of snow, making sure your favorite grooming essentials are lightly packed into your dopp kit is everyone’s desire.

Traveling is great, but packing your bags can be bothersome. Always keep in mind where you will be traveling, it will give you an idea of what you will need in your dopp kit.

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Are you traveling to Vegas? Pack your condoms and cologne, going for a weekend in the snow? Ray Ban and Boots or visiting the beach? Go with your quicksand and sunblock.

Relax! Don’t get nervous. This guide will help you pack your grooming essentials like a pro

Natural Shampoo + Conditioner

Strange hair products can cause harm to your scalp, particularly if they are not natural and contain parabens and other kinds of harmful ingredients like sulfates, commonly found in hair products. Hair products found in most hotel rooms might not be compatible with your hair type and personal cleaning regimen.

It is advisable to travel with a travel-size two-in-one shampoo and conditioner leaving space for other essentials.

Natural Bar Soap | Body Wash

Hygiene is very important in a situation where your body is exposed to several environmental conditions especially while traveling.

Do well to include in your dopp kit a travel-size natural body wash or bar of soap to keep you clean and feeling fresh while you enjoy your adventure.

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You shouldn’t be one of the people accumulating unpleasant scents during extended trips. Forgetting deodorant is a big mistake but try not to pack very strong scented antiperspirant as this can repel people. Everybody has their own favourite deodorant, I know I must have tried hundreds before I found one that works on me.

Razor, Shaving Cream, and Aftershave

Keep clean by packing a shave cream or razor. Although razors may not be allowed during bag checks, you can carry only a shave cream and aftershave to keep your face and body clean. But if you can’t shave without a razor, purchase razors at your destination. If you’re going with the bearded look then great news you’ve saved some extra space!

Dental Floss, Toothbrush and Toothpaste

During your adventure, you are most likely to try new meals and this can cause some unpredictable oral changes. With this in mind, it’s very important to pack essentials for dental care. Pack your dental floss, brush, toothbrush, and a travel-sized toothpaste. Everyone loves a good smile, avoid bad breath, and keep your teeth shining. PS a tooth pick doesn’t take up much room either!


Plan for special encounters and get prepared, they can happen anytime. True elegance is shown by a classy compartment for protection. Being safe prevents STD’s and unwanted babies. Remember to always check the expiration date of your supply before departure.

Moisturising Suncream

Sometimes the damages caused to your skin by unpreparedness can be irreversible. Use moisturizers that contain sunscreen to prevent rapid aging and prevent health risks. By packing moisturisers containing sunscreen you are fully prepared to go swimming or play volleyball at the beach for hours with no results of sun damage.


This is a must-have essential in your dopp kit. Always travel prepared with a travel-size of your favorite cologne or fragrance. This will keep you smelling great and fresh.

Regardless of a trip’s nature, these basic grooming essentials will help you travel in style and ease. Safe travelling!

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