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As an adult, we agree that it may seem juvenile reading this, but it turns out many of us are still making simple shampoo and conditioner mistakes that are causing problems like itchy scalp and hair loss. So if you love having hair and want to learn how to care for yours better, then this article is for you.

Do you apply shampoo to dry hair?

This might sound bizarre to some people. But you better believe there are loads of people who say yes to this question. To those that answer yes, think about this for a second. We don’t rub soap onto the body dry, before wetting it do we and it’s the same with your hair.

If you start with a dry palette, it’s only going to be harder to get the shampoo off. Wet your hair first with warm water as this loosens excess oils and opens up your pores, allowing the shampoo to penetrate deeper. So without a wet foundation, you might not be getting all that clean. So fully dunk your hair before shampooing to get your cuticles open and ready for a good cleaning.

Finger tips not nails

Do you know the human nail houses hundreds and thousands of bacteria? It’s a cesspool of dirt and a plague to your hair. You have to stop the nail scraping. Even with cleansers, germs will still remain under your nails. We all love a good scalp massage, but be careful about how you go at your scalp when scrubbing. If you are washing constantly with your man claws, you could irritate and infect your scalp with germs under the nails. Moreover, the yanking, and scraping could lead to hair loss. For a clean massage, use your fingertips and not the nails.

Not rinsing enough

You need to spend more time rinsing thoroughly. If you aren’t spending some time rinsing off soaps, you could leave a lot of buildups. With time, that residue can cause dandruff- that scaly, flaky grossness you find under your nails when you scratch your hair. And men are at higher risk of developing dandruff. Spend enough time rinsing your roots and reduce the cranial crud using a sulfate-free shampoo. I recommend this paraben and sulphate free option made by Hairbond United Kingdom.

Washing too often

You don’t have to wash daily with shampoo and conditioner. You risk stripping your scalp of natural oils that it needs. Stripping those cause your scalp to dry. Many companies tell you to shampoo every day. But if there are sulfates in their formula, you are pretty much asking for buildup and hair loss. Your hair should be trained like a muscle. It may feel weird at first to skip shampoo wash daily. But over time, your hair will look and feel healthier as the natural oils start to build up and replenish your scalp.

Water too hot

Hot water can be damaging to your hair. When you rinse with hot water, your cuticles don’t seal properly after conditioning leaving you with hair that is more susceptible to breakage and eventually hair loss. Rinse the conditioner out of your hair with cold water.

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