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The football season is over and I must say the football has just been as enjoyable as watching the football hairstyles change from some of our favorite footballers. Predicting a winner from every league this season has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.

I will countdown the 10 players I think have showcased some of the best hairstyles during the season. This list exclusively features short and trimmed hairstyles and best recommended styling products will be from the Hairbond United Kingdom brand also known as “The Premier League of Hair Products” with endorsements from hundreds of professional footballers including England Internationals Jamie Vardy, Jordan Pickford, Harry Winks, James Ward Prowse, Michael Owen, Phil Jones, the list is huge..


10. David De Gea

Manchester United’s David De Gea is at no. 10 football hairstyles spot with a slicked back undercut early on in the season. He’s had a decent 2019/2020 season and I applaud him for keeping his hairstyle precise and sharp always. Although he has tried out different hairstyles since over the course of the season, I’ve always liked this undercut.

To style it, first use a few pumps of the Hairbond Texturiser Sea Salt Spray you will only need 3-4 pumps as it is a high performance product. Then blow-dry your hair while combing backward. Apply small amounts of the Hairbond Gripper Pomade and let your fingers and palms do the rest.

9. Marco Reus

At number nine of my football hairstyles list, is Marco Reuswho has always been know for his top-quality hairstyle. Reus always looks sharp with his attractive fade undercuts and different hair lengths on top. His popular side-swept pompadour always looked great on him. It is smooth, clean, and the hair is combed back to the side without looking slicked back.

To style this hair style, apply a few pumps of pre-styling spray and comb your hair to the side. Maintain a high fade and use a stronger holding product, for a glossier textured finish the Hairbond Shaper would work perfect, or for matte results, looking a little more natural then the Hairbond Mattifier would be most ideal!

8. Neymar

When I first had the idea to discuss football hairstyles the first player that sprung to mind was Neymar. Neymar’s hair, just like his dazzling skills on the pitch is phenomenal and his innovative hairstyles are worth applauding. Due to injuries, we didn’t get to see a lot of him this season, but we know one thing is sure, his hairstyles are still fresh. He currently rocks the curls with a sharp and classy undercut. To style it, apply salt-water spray first and follow with a small amount of theHairbond Gripper Pomade so the curls can be left bouncy and smooth.

7. Lionel Messi

Not always known for his hairstyle but for his glamorizing skills, with the ball, the little magician has, however, managed to pull off some cool hairstyles in the season and in previous ones and one that has particularly been of interest is the classic side-swept fringe.

To style it, take a look at the Hairbond United Kingdom guide here, I couldn’t put it better myself.

6. Philippe Coutinho

Coutinho has not had it great since his move from Barcelona to Munich. Although he has managed to find some form again. His hair is one that has always looked good and distinct. He sports a strong side-swept cut that fits him well and is definitely one of the low fade styles you should consider today if you have a similar head shape. Futhermore, he supports the hair style with numerous products. One day it is slick and the next it’s a bit fluffier and more of a matte finish style.

To get a good overview to style this haircut, apply 6-8 pumps of pre-styling spray, then blow-dry into position and finish off with a medium clay or wax, depending on the thickness of your own hair, consider the Hairbond Distorter or Hairbond Moulder for the best natural looks.

5. Paulo Dybala

Although Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival has taken a little shine off the talented Argentine at Juventus, but his hair is always on point and he pulls it off so well whenever he is on the pitch. Dybala has become known with the side-swept slick back inspired hairstyle.

To style it, apply a pre-styler, then blow-dry the hair into the right shape and give it a natural shine with the Hairbond Shaper.

4. Sergio Agüero

Aguero is not only Manchester City’s talismanic goal scorer, but also great at his hairstyles. He went bold this season with the short dyed hair which suits him so well. The hair is an attention-getter and almost redefined Aguero. This style has been tried by many of his fellow Argentina team mates too like Lionel Messi, Nicolas Otamendi, Javier Martinez to name a few. Aguero’s dyed hairstyle shows a natural colored mid-fade with a messy not “Messi” look on top.

To style it, use the Hairbond Shaper, do not use hairspray so that the hair can fall naturally then push your hair a bit forward to finish off.

3. Sergio Ramos

In third place is Real Madrid’s captain Sergio Ramos who has just helped his team win another La Liga title. When he first came in 2005, his long hair has become an instant signature look for him which has made him easily recognizable on the pitch along with his playing style. Since cutting that, he has tried out different hairstyles. However, his latest crew haircut makes him tough, much like the way he plays.

To style it, use the Hairbond Mattifier and maintain a high fade on top for some added texture.

2. Olivier Giroud

The French World Cup Champion and Chelsea FC forward is the perfect gentleman. His hair is always on point and we’ve seen him try many versions of the pompadour and there’s no better model for that hairstyle.

For the Olivier Giroud style, use 6-8 pumps of pre-styling spray, then blow-dry into the right shape and use the Hairbond Gripper Pomade for a smooth finish.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Is it a surprise that Ronaldo sits on the top of my football hairstyles list? Since the style master moved to Manchester United back in 2003, Ronaldo has become a hair icon for millions of people worldwide. Not only is he known for his skills on the pitch and goal scoring prowess, but his ever changing hairstyles. Through the years, the Portuguese superstar has maintained his position as the no. 1 hair inspiration and most guys are going for his style when at the barber’s. Right now, he’s rocking a side-swept slick back, but Ronaldo can rock any hairstyle and look great.

To style it, apply 6 to 8 pumps of pre-styling spray, then blow-dry your hair into position and finish of with a strong hold wax. I wouldn’t go anywhere else than the Hairbond Shaper for this look.

There you have it!

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