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Have you watched swimmers at the Olympics and wondered how they protect their hair from pool water? Many of us get green or dry hair any time we go for a dip. It will surprise you to know that these pro swimmers use a swim cap, but the fact is that swim cap isn’t quite what you want to wear and it looks quite silly when all you want to do is go for a dip. So how do you protect yourself when in pool water?

First of all, who is at most risk of chlorine damage?

Everyone who swims frequently in chlorine water risks some damage, but some hair types are more at risk than others. If any of these describes your hair type, then you’ll have to be more careful.

1. Color treated

2. Thin

3. Dry

4. Previously damaged

Rinse with Clean Water Before Taking a Dip

After getting the perfect summer color, the last thing you want is to have it turn green and dry when you go swimming, but showering before can solve the problem. It may sound silly to shower before entering the pool, but really if you rinse your hair with clean water, it becomes harder for pool water to get in and cause any damage.

Avoid Shampoo, Just Wet

Another thing you should avoid doing before entering the pool is shampooing. Shampoo reacts negatively with chlorine water and causes hair to dry out. So remember that what you have to do is rinse it first with clean before jumping in.

Apply Oil or Conditioner

Before swimming, protect yourself by applying a small amount of coconut oil or a primer, mask or conditioner. The oil will prevent chlorinated water from entering into your hair. Chlorine and other chemicals are kept away from your hair by the silicones in the conditioner. This will also ensure your hair is tangle-free. A great product i’m about to review is the Wonder Professional Hair Primer spray 120ml by Hairbond United Kingdom. This is super ideal!

After Swimming Rinse Your Hair Immediately

It is important to rinse again with clean water after swimming as chlorine can stay in your hair, causing damage later on. If you can, use shampoo and conditioner just after you exit the pool. Some shampoos are made to remove chlorine and are a great solution for regular swimmers.

Let Your Hair Air-dry

If you plan to blow dry after a swim, use it at low to medium temperature or even better, leave itto air-dry. Even though a blow-dryer is often recommended when styling your hair, air-drying after swimming in pool water is much better. Let your hair dry slowly then comb with a wide- toothed comb.

If you already have a damaged hair, talk to your hairstylist. He or she will recommend products or treatments that can help. Remember, you can always get a haircut to remove the ends that have suffered damage the most.

A Secret Tip

Use Ketchup: You can correct any blondes which have gone green due to swimming by using ketchup as shampoo. It will help to correct the green tones. Yes, this may sound disgusting, but you’ll find out that it really helps. To do this, shampoo then rinse it out. Then apply ketchup gently and let it sit for some minutes, then rinse it out. Shampoo a second time and if necessary, use conditioner as well. We hope this secret tip will work for you too. like it did for me!

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