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If you’re having issues with taking care of your hair, it might just be that you are doing too little or too much. It’s really about knowing what to do and how to do it. The truth is, hair responds to good haircare.

Here are 5 hair care tips for men that will help you maintain your hair.

1. Avoid overwashing

Your scalp produces natural oils that makes your hair strong and shiny. These oils are a lot better than what you can get from chemical or organic products. So, over-washing will strip away the natural oil and cause damages to your hair.

If you have very dry and coarse hair, wash every three days and twice a week if it’s oily. But it will be good to wash your hair every day if your scalp produces excessive oil. For porous hair that requires oiling like African-Caribbean hair, it’s advisable to wash every two to three weeks to prevent breakage.

2. Treat greasy hair with care

Controlling greasy hair needs a more careful approach. Avoid using very hot water to wash your hair instead wash gently with lukewarm water as excess heat causes the sebaceous glands to produce a lot of oil which makes your hair very greasy. Use styling products that absorb excess oils, don’t use the ones that weigh down your hair. Also, avoid conditioning too much. Conditioners should be applied to the roots of your hair, not the tips.

3. Use home treatments for nourishment

Now I’m more one for using professional haircare products for home treating and conditioning my hair. A personal favourite is the Hairbond United Kingdom Wonder Mask and Primer after a deep clean. But other hair experts say there’s an even more natural and organic ways to moisturise your hair. I give to you, the raw egg wash!

The raw egg wash works for all hair types. The egg yolk is a good moisturizer, rich with fats and protein while the white part contains enzymes that fight bacteria and remove unwanted oils from the hair.

Use both the yolk and the white to moisturize if you have normal hair. Use only yolk if your hair is dry and stick with the white for oily hair.

After choosing the egg part that best fits your hair type, apply the egg gently onto your scalp and allow it to rest for 20 to 30 minutes, then wash off with cool water. DO NOT use warm water so that the egg doesn’t cook on your head. Finally, wash through with shampoo.

When using the whole egg or just the yoke for treatment, use it less frequently. At least, once a month. If you’re using only the white part of the egg, do it once in two weeks.

Also, plain yogurt helps to moisturize and keep the hair shinning. Damp your hair with half a cup of plain yogurt and allow it to rest for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water, then follow up with cool water, and then use shampoo to wash properly.

4. Follow proper haircare rules

The haircare rules are simple:

1. Combing wet hair will likely increase hair loss. If you must straighten your hair use a comb with a wide-tooth.

2. Use your fingers around your hair to remove tangles, not a comb or brush.

3. You can cause damage to your hair if you brush it too often.

4. Avoid touching your hair too much if you have greasy hair, it may activate the release of oils, and that isn’t what you want.

5. Make lifestyle changes

Smoking constricts blood vessels that provide hair growth nutrients and this may lead to hair loss. If you care about increasing your hair length and volume, then consider cutting down on smoking. Although vitamin D is good for your hair and skin, exposing your hair to a very high midday sun can also cause damages. Sunburn makes the scalp to release high superoxide which causes the hair follicles to fall off.

There you have it! 5 essential haircare tips for men!

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