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4 Things Women Hate That Men Wear Leave a comment

When we talk of men, their style, the fashion, and picking out the right outfit, a lot of guys think they are really great at it. But while your buddies may compliment you in your scraggy shorts and striped socks, these don’t work for girls.

One of the reasons for having a stunning outfit is to attract the ladies, right? So let’s get right into the ladies’ thoughts and take a look at some of the things men wear they hate the most.

Here are the 4 surprising things men wear that women don’t like

1. Men,White Socks for Sport Only

Most men spoil a nice outfit by putting on the wrong socks. Ladies find it very awful when guys wear white socks besides sporting activities and this is one of the most commonly violated rules in the world of fashion. This is a turnoff, guys!

Well, use white socks only with sportswear and try not to ever use them with your everyday outfit.

2. Hiking Boots and Running Shoes As Everyday Wear

It is wrong to wear hiking and running shoes casually.

From the ladies’ perspective, sports shoes with jean is a disaster. Guys please just don’t! Hiking, running shoes are made solely for that purpose and shouldn’t be used for an everyday casual outfit.

Some men don’t realize that athletic shoes are not a substitute for sneakers from brands like Adidas and Nike. Sneakers are most noble to wear for your everyday casual events, not athletic shoes.

3. Men with Big Buckles

Guys, please avoid wearing belts with big buckles, unless you are a cowboy.

Most men are used to wearing a belt and the truth is a belt adds an edge to guys looks making their outfit really good and sophisticated. However, as much as possible avoid the big belt buckles, girls don’t like it.

When picking a belt, let the belt and the pants share the same formality. Don’t use a casual belt for a formal outfit.

Let the color of your belt be the same as your shoe color. That is, wear a black belt with a black shoe, a brown belt with a brown shoe, etc.

Also, the material of the belt should match with that of the shoe. Wear a leather belt with a leather shoe, a suede belt with a suede shoe, a canvas belt with a canvas shoe, and so on.

4. Necklaces

Necklaces for guys – what do the ladies’ think?

Most ladies don’t like guys putting on necklaces at all. Particularly gangster bling and silver hanging necklaces. So if you are putting on a silver necklace that is hanging from your neck, remove it instantly. The girls see this as a NO GO.

Guys can look really cool even with only these five accessories; a nice wristwatch, a trendy bracelet, a good pair of sunglasses, a pair of cool cufflinks, and a simple wedding ring if he is married.

So think twice next time you’re in the market for any new footwear and accessories!

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