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Looking sharper than every other guy out there requires having the knowledge of what works and putting these little tricks to use. In some ways I want to hold your hand and guide you on your way to becoming the most magnificent man. Here are sometop hair tips and tricks that you should know.

Hair Hacks

Use a pre-styling product

It is vital that you layer a base first before adding paste, pomade or wax. If used correctly, heat protection sprays, sea salt sprays, primers and mouses greatly impact the finished styling. I like to think of pre styling your hair is like when building a house, first you need foundations. This will help the house stand in place, before you start choosing the colour of your door and wallpaper for the interior. If you put a nice big red door up without any foundations, things will go wrong and it won’t last very long. Use a pre styler!

As you hair gets thinner

It’s never fun when your hair starts thinning, nonetheless, it’s the circle of life for every man. However, you don’t have to give up, because the big trick for making your hair look thicker and more manageable is with using a matte styling paste or clay. One of my favourite all time brands is Hairbond United Kingdom. They have a great selection of matte products, a fantastic pre styling range, all for thickening the hairs appearance. Go check them out.

Less is more

One of the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to hair styling is to use way too much product. Use small quantity at a time because that can go a long way and also provide a more natural look. If you do decide to grab a Hairbond product, you do not need a lot at all. Always remember, start with pea size amounts, you can put more in but you can’t take it out if you overdo it!

Keep it cool

Even though we need our blow-dryer everyday like we need to breathe, gents, let’s keep it to the minimum. If you overdo the heat, it’ll damage your hair or eventually cause it to frizz. Instead, have the dryer at ‘cool’ mode where you can or at the end of each session. While it might take longer to get you dry, your hair will turn out in a much better condition eventually.

The perfect pick-me-up

A slight touch-up throughout the day benefits all hairstyles, especially if you are leaving the office and heading for the bar. However, we don’t all have a hairdresser by our side every day, nevertheless, here something you can do. Carry a quality comb always. This is necessary should an unplanned event or hair crisis happen. You can reactivate styling products in your hair just by wetting a comb and running it through your hair to quickly and effectively re-style. If you have heat styled hair or simply have a matte look you think a wet comb would kill, a tip is to towel dry your hair afterwards, and begin styling from scratch.

No more than three times a week

If you are already into the daily wash routine, then you need to stop immediately. If your dream is to have that healthy-looking hair like your favourite model or celeb, you have to stop draining your hair every day. It’s best to wash every two or three days with a quality product.

The reason is shampoos can damage your hair from excessive usage by stripping off oils when the hair needs to be shiny, healthy and soft. When you reduce shampoo-use, you can fight frizz, which makes it easier to use hair products, lessening breakage and generally making your hair look much healthier and vibrant.

Get close with your barber

If you want your style on point then your hair certainly needs to be sharp and well-maintained, and this can depend on two things: Quality products and frequent visits to the barber or hairdresser who knows their way around your hairdo. Become bros with your barber is the key to keeping up appearances as a stylish gent. Listen to what they have to say about your hair.

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