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Believe it or not, Summer is still here and you want to ensure that you have your best looking Summer hair for the rest of the season. But have you ever thought about how the sun and other factors are affecting your Summer hair during this time? Being over exposed to sunrays, heat, sweat, chlorine from the pool and sea salt from the sea. So what can you do to protect your crowning glory?

Get a Fresh Summer Hair Cut

Whether you’ve got long or short hair, the summer weather can in fact make your hair dry and brittle, which won’t make a great look. Summer is the best time to get yourself a new haircut or try regular trims that will keep your hair in good condition and reduce the risk of split ends. It is recommended to get regular trims every 2 to 4 weeks.

Care For Your Summer Hair Colour

If you have had your hair colour-treated, you’ll need to be more careful with your hair in the summer. Chemical treatments when mixed with the harsh summer sun can cause colour fading, hair dryness, and maximum damage. Choose hair care products that are made just for colour-treated hair and choose wisely.

I recommend using base product pre stylers for an extra layer of protection. Consider some of my favourite products like Hairbond‘s Wonder Primer spray and Texturiser Sea Salt Spray for the base of your style. These products will help protect your hair from Sun damage.
If you plan on changing your hair colour in the summer, do it one or two months before you expect the sun to hit hard. However, if you recently had your hair coloured, just avoid direct sunlight as much as you can as it is actually able to bleach your hair. A cap can come in handy.

Don’t Forget Your Conditioner

If your hair is already damaged, dry and brittle, using a quality and nourishing conditioner can help restore some moisture. If you are going for a swim in the pool or ocean, protect your hair first with an application of coconut oil or your favourite conditioner before jumping in. The chemical composition of the conditioner will add a layer of protection to your hair when up against chlorine and other chemicals.

Shampoo your Summer Hair with Care

It is not recommended to shampoo your hair every day. Instead, rinse well and often, in colder or lukewarm water. If your hair easily gets greasy and sweaty, it is important to shampoo daily, but use a mild shampoo instead. Focus on scalp cleaning and not your hair.

Beat the Heat

Since your hair is going to be exposed to the sun a lot, avoid tools such as flat irons and blow dryers as much as possible in the summer. Take it easy on the blow-dryer and if need be, air dry your hair as much as possible. If you have to use blow dryer, use a low or medium temperature setting and always use heat protection pre-stylers first.

Use Sun Protection

Wearing a cap or hat is the absolute best way to protect your hair from the sun. If that’s not just your style, a leave-in conditioner is a great idea for you.

Be Careful When Going For A Swim

One of the ways you beat up your hair is through swimming. You can completely strip your hair of its natural and protective oils at the swimming pool. This is the same for the ocean. The heavy salt content of seawater draws moisture out of your hair and scalp. Always protect your hair from pool water and wash thoroughly when you get out.

Use a Wide Tooth Comb

Rather than using a regular hairbrush to brush your hair, use a wide-tooth comb instead. This will help to detangle your hair after a long day at the beach and help avoid any breakages.

I hope this helps you when you’re next preparing for a holiday, or for just nice days out in the sun. It’s a glorious day today, so I’m now off to the beach for an ice cream, my hair is clean and conditioned but I will be keeping it low key, in my shades, shorts and of course my amazing straw hat!

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