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If I Shave My Hair, Will It Grow Back Thicker? Leave a comment

We’ve all asked ourselves the shave question at least once before. So put your trimmers and your razors down for a minute. I want to help you understand certain things better, by exposing the myth.

Of course, shaving will certainly make your hair feel more coarse when it starts growing again as it makes the hair short and prickly.

But, bro you have to stop wasting time with the clippers. It is the same hair that will grow from the follicle. Your trimmer is not a magic wand that can bless your roots and cause hair to thicken and spring out.

I will break it down by hair phase, and throw in a few tips so that you can better maintain your dwindling goldilocks.

Shave – Growth

The growth phase are the beautiful years when we can all breathe a sigh of relief. You are sprouting like a mammoth and it’s not really a big deal. You’re young and full of testosterone. Be aware that your thick beard is not as a result of shaving. What is happening is that the hormones that trigger hair growth have been jacked up.

Shave – Shrinkage

After the growth phase, comes shrinkage. This is when the follicle starts shrinking and active growth ends. The hair stops receiving blood supply and shedding begins.

Shave – Rest

The rest phase is where your hair is waiting for a swift breeze to blow it out of the dormant follicles. Eventually, after some time and the good graces of the hair gods, your follicles will enter the growth stage again and new strands will start to sprout.

Shave – Shed

And so the time for goodbyes comes. The shredding begins.
But some of you are still thinking that a blade cutting through your hair in a certain way, would send growth into overdrive?

If that was the case, wouldn’t every balding man be shaving till their hair grew back? It doesn’t matter what mythical powers your razor has, your hair will follow these cycles. However, with these proactive tips, you won’t be as concerned with thinning anyway.


If you like plucking or waxing certain hairs like the grays, you could be causing damage to your cuticles. With time, the cuticles will scar and the hair stops and doesn’t grow out from them anymore. You should
be covering or dyeing those grays rather than yanking them. Or better still, let them go. The grays and silvers have set in. Let the bad boys be.

With split ends, you get the sparse appearance. Your hair can appear thicker when you keep your ends trimmed. So every now and then, try to dust those tips.

Get close to the hair and skin professionals. Keep up with your barber and let him/her know about all of your concerns. If it becomes an issue, seek out a dermatologist. After all, they are the experts.

Take care of your body inside and outside. Hydration and exercise are very important. Keep up with your self-care as you do your weekend benders. This combo works pretty well.

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