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6 Tips on How to avoid a Bad Haircut Leave a comment

Don’t be that guy walking out of the salon or barber shop with a bad haircut. If you’re honest with yourself, we have all been there. Whilst a bad haircut isn’t going to kill anyone, it won’t make things better either. You can upset a lot of people with a bad haircut! So if it’s time to change your hairdo, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve put together an ultimate list that can help you avoid getting a bad haircut.

Fail to prepare; Prepare to fail

You will probably be wearing this hairstyle 24/7, for this reason it’s worth doing thorough research before committing to any hairdresser or barber. Tip number one is choose your hairstylist based on recommendation, not price, because before now I’ve paid top whack for an average haircut, and on the other hand just a few pounds for a job my mum could have done.

Do your homework

At some point, you’ll have to sit down and let your hairdresser do their work on your hair. But before then you have to do your bit, to make sure you leave the salon smiling with the best hair possible. How you arrived at the salon with your hair is key. I will always recommend turning up to your hairstylist with clean and newly washed and conditioned hair. If you don’t, consider paying for the service, it really does make a difference to the way your hair is cut and styled.

Don’t waste time

Arrive earlier before your scheduled appointment, at least 5 minutes early. With this, you’ll receive the best customer service before the actual hair styling begins, you won’t be putting your stylist under time pressures and it will also give you some time to communicate clearly what style you have in mind.

Bring your best hair inspiration

This helps all the time to avoid miscommunications. Showing your hairdresser a picture of top-notch hairstyles will give them a clear idea of what you want. Don’t be unrealistic though, be aware and try not to take offence, as some hairstyles and hair cuts just don’t and won’t suit some face/hair/head types and your barber might kindly point this out to you. Which brings me on to the next point..

Talk the walk

Communicate the exact thing you want immediately you take your seat and also allow your hairdresser to give you honest feedback. Not all hairstyles will fit everyone. Your age, shape of head, and face will need to be considered when choosing a new hair cut, so helpful suggestions from your hairdresser should be highly considered! Sometimes we ask for too much, and can be too particular, sometimes it’s best to give your stylist artistic freedom knowing they’re giving you the best cut for you.

Speak up

Finally, in case you don’t like your new hair cut, don’t be afraid to speak up whilst you’re there sat in the chair, so your hairdresser can fix it there and then without charge. Be honest and polite, communicate clearly what you don’t like about the hairstyle and your hairstylist will help fix your problem right away. Perhaps it’s just a culture thing, but too many stories in Britain about people smiling and nodding in the chair but then in hysterics and tears when they check themselves out in the mirror at home.

Now you’re ready. Go select your barber. Google them. Read Facebook reviews on their Facebook page, checkout their Instagram work. Learn the name of your selected stylist.

Then when you walk out with your new amazing cut, you can thank me then.

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