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Nobody wants to grow old, but aging is an inevitable part of our lives. Unfortunately, with it comes one of our greatest fears: hair loss! By the time men reach 30, most have lost or started loosing their hair to a great degree, and this can be blamed mainly on factors beyond our control – genes and hormones, we see you!

Hair loss doesn’t have to become embarrassing, messing up your professional and social life. Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can do to at the very least slow down the hair loss process. It doesn’t matter if it’s a receding hairline or a bald spot creeping up, these 5 steps can help you stay one step ahead of hair loss.

Find a Haircut That Suits You

Your hairstylist should already know about your receding hairline and can come up with haircut suggestions that will work for you. A skilled hairdresser should advise you on how to make the most of your existing hairstyle and suggest restyling options that should help you own that receding hairline.
The best haircuts we recommend to turn your losses into gains are: the slicked back hairstyle, messy side-parted hair, short and spiked haircut, the french crop, and the buzz cut.

Start Using the Right Hair Styling Products

The right styling products are crucial when dealing with thinning hair. Matte, gritty clays, sea salt sprays and texturizing powders all add volume and give a much fuller look by adding texture making the hair appear thicker. However, remember to go easy on using these products as too much can make your hair too oily and you can lose the thickening effect just like that. I would always. Anybody who knows me, knows I can’t stress enough how important choosing premium products is for hair maintainance and styling. I recommend high performance matte products that lift volume, checkout the Hairbond Moulder, my personal choice. Choose your products carefully.

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Don’t Wash Your Hair Excessively

You may quickly react to thinning hair by washing it more often in the mindset that you’re keeping it better and healthier. But washing your hair more frequently is only causing further damage and more hair loss. Depending on your type of hair and texture, the best, recommended time is 2 to 3 times weekly. To do this, apply your shampoo to wet hair, massage up to a minute, rinse thoroughly with water and repeat if necessary.

Grow a Beard to distract from hair loss

There are many reasons why you should grow a beard. First, a well-groomed beard on its own is a fashion statement. Secondly, a beard easily draws attention away from the top of your head back to your face. Ensure you choose a beard that works with your face shape and fits your style. Again, maintain your beard with the best beard products.

Always be Positive

While this may not look like a direct action to take in turning around that receding hairline, positivity can do a lot more to your confidence than negative energy. Be grateful for what life’s given to you and focus on the aspects of your body that are worth celebrating. It could be your blue, green, or brown eyes, or your well set cheekbones, fit body, or your picture-perfect dentition. As much as we love it, hair is not everything.

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