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Myths about Men’s Hair Debunked Leave a comment

When it comes to men’s hair, be careful not to become a victim of some of the world’s oldest myths. Let me put some of these to bed for you.

Men’s Hair Grows Faster When You Cut Them

This one is quite old but the truth is you won’t automatically start growing hair faster, no matter how often you’re cutting your hair. This may not be good news for you if you have been dreaming of growing out the popular man bun influenced by your favourite celebrity or footballer.
The speed at which your hair grows depends mostly what your diet is like and lifestyle changes you make. Including plenty protein in your diet, quitting smoking and living a stress-free life as much as possible all aid in the growth of your air.

Washing your hair everyday is the only way to keep it clean

This myth has dominated widely. But the truth is what washing your hair daily will dry the hair out, making it appear dull and brittle and also make it much prone to becoming easily greasy. The recommended frequency is 2 to 3 times weekly with water on the days in between. Conditioning, masks and primers are all essential to maintaining healthy hair. I have just got my hands on the incredible Wonder range by UK manufacturers Hairbond United Kingdom. Already after two days of using their conditioner, primer and mask, I can see and feel the difference. It’s keeping my hair nourished and conditioned after washing 3-4 times a week.

You can make your hair shinier with cold water

This is one of the older myths out there. However, there’s no scientific evidence to support this myth, which is why it is called a myth. However, it has been proven scientifically that to make your hair shinier, use a quality conditioner like the ones mentioned above whenever you wash your hair.

It’s always better to air-dry than blow dry men’s hair

Well it is true that you need to cut back on the hot air blasts so air dry your locks once in a while. However, I know this is not an option for everyone, everyday; the world just hasn’t got the time or the patience. But, truthfully air-drying you hair isn’t always a good thing because blow-drying can damage the surface of the hair, but air drying can cause even deeper damage within your strands. Your best option is to blow dry your hair set to the lowest heat setting. Ensure you are not concentrating heat on one spot for too long by moving the dryer around often.

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Men’s hair gel can cause hair loss

While hair gel may make your hair dryer and thinner, it does not cause hair loss. You may get a dry, brittle hair with other styling techniques like blow drying, there’s however no proven link between using hair products like gel and hair loss.

Shampoo must have suds to clean your hair properly

While it sounds logical to think this is the case, shampoos don’t actually have to lather before they can get the cleaning job done. The ingredient that makes shampoo foam is sulfate and it can actually fade the colour of dyed hair. Additionally, there are debates about how harmful these ingredients might be. So discard the myth that foaming shampoo equals clean. Many high-quality shampoos don’t sudsy.

Men have no need for conditioners

Hair care is not only a woman’s thing. A good conditioner does much more than just making your hair soft and shiny, it helps to minimize damage done to your hair and it is ultimately a great investment in your hair’s health.

Wearing a hat or cap causes hair loss

Some people believe that when men start experiencing baldness and use hats and caps to cover up, this makes the problem worse. Luckily, for all the cap guys, there is no link whatsoever between wearing hats regularly and baldness.

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