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Saw my favourite youtube mens stylist Aaron talking about this brand. Smells nice – a distinctive lemon smell. I have good hair and from the reviews, was expecting this to hold more. It’s quite light and greasy but does go on matte, it is not sticky, lasts all day and washes out easy….just not as good as Hairbond Moulder which, for me, is the best I’ve tried over the years. Hairbond is always better looking too and smell better also. AC – 7.5/10

Firstly, it all washes out well, none of the products are oily, (we all have tried the clay products that make fine hair look greasy) and they don’t change over the course of a day. . This particular product does what it states. Gravity paste, gives some light lift. So long as you don’t use too much, it gives a great light lift to your hair. Lighter than mousse but much firmer (for the volume of product applied). I like it. It’s a natural look and feel but gives some volume and lift. The Price knocks it down for me as a jar has around a months worth of product for a near £20. HDF – 8/10

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