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Do you want to learn about this popular hairstyle that has been around for ages? We’ll tell all you need to know about the Quiff in this article. Read on.

What is The Quiff

The quiff is one of men’s most iconic hairstyles of all time and right next to classics such as the Pompadour, the Undercut and the French Crop.

The History

Although this might not be popular, but the quiff was initially a messy counter-reaction to war-inspired haircuts like the buzz cut. With all of its volume and action, the quiff complemented the rock ‘n’ roll looks of the 60’s. The hairstyle is not just for anybody. It’s a style that is all about confidence and attention as you can’t help but turn heads when flashing the quiff.

Choosing the Right Quiff

To choose the right quiff, one of the most important consideration is your face shape. Thankfully, the quiff is an up-do for all dudes, but more so for those who want to proportionate a rounder face.

The beautiful thing about the hair is that regardless of the shape of your face or how much of the sides and back your crop or fade, it can look uniquely different on the man wearing it and this is why you can literally own this hairstyle. The most modern take to the quiff is to finish the sides with a disconnected undercut.

  1. The Classic Quiff

Ready to give the quiff a try? When at your hairdresser’s, tell him/her to give you about four to five inches of length on top with some extra fringe. Contrastingly, keep the sides and back shorter.

How To Style a Quiff

  • Step 1: Blow-dry and shape: After you have thoroughly washed your hair using a quality shampoo, towel-dry your hair and apply some pre-styler. You can then proceed to create your quiff running your fingers through or with a comb as you blow-dry your hair to get more volume.
  • Step 2: Use a glossy pomade to finish up your look, which will add more shine and definition. Apply a small amount between your palms and slick it through your hair in backward and forward directions.

What Do You Need?

You need a hairdryer. To get a 100% perfect quiff, the first thing you need is a quality hair-dryer. When going for one, get a model with cooling settings so that won’t don’t damage your hair. To minimize damage however, invest in a quality pre-styling spray. With a good pre-styler, your hair gets a firm hold and texture before any styling product is used on it.

A round brush as well: Compared to a buzz cut, for instance, a quiff requires more maintenance. This means you should have gotten a round brush already. The round brush will push you hair into it place as you blow-dry it.

Pastes and pomades: A shine-pomade like the Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade or Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee is necessary to achieve a traditional quiff. It’s strong hold factor makes it perfectly suited to controlling and styling, even the curliest, coarsest or thickest hair. However, if you are not big on shine, then go for a mud wax, which gives the hair a sharp texture and a matte finish.

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