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Although, as men, our worst nightmare is thinning hair, dealing with thick hair is a problem too. Maybe you are one of those who still has trouble with thick, wavy or unruly hair. Don’t worry, whether you have unruly hair, coarse texture, fuzzy curls, or any other thick hair dilemma, here are 5 tips that will reduce styling time and help you remain in control of your appearance.

  1. Moisturise Hair

Thick hair has a tendency to be brittle and dull looking. As a result of its texture, the oil from the scalp has a hard time reaching the ends of the hair, which causes dryness and split ends. To prevent this problem, invest in products that provide moisture.

A primary composition of most modern conditioners and shampoos is avocado. Because of the vitamins, folate, and protein ingredients, the hair is kept well hydrated. It also contains fatty acids that provide strength. Even though once a week is the recommended time to shampoo, you are advised to condition every day.

  1. Add Definition and Try Thinning

You don’t have to be dramatic by going for a short haircut. Thinning tools can reduce the weight of thick hair but still maintain its length. Unfortunately, these shears are used wrongly by many stylists. It is important to cut thick hair away from the scalp to allow for the creation of shorter pieces. These short strands may push on longer layers, giving the appearance of even thicker locks. When it comes to styling thick hair, what you need most is a product that adds definition. A styling wax product provides texture and tames any unmanageable thickness to keep your hair in place without appearing bulky.

  1. Don’t forget the hair dryer

The product and tools you choose make or mar your style. The blow dryer is one of the most important tools for styling thick hair. Set it to a cool level and position the blow dryer downward. This lowers the volume for a sleek and even-textured effect. Remember to always keep your hair damp but not overly wet. Use heat protection before blow-drying, as it prevents the hair from becoming too soft or too unruly. If you have frizzy hair, a soothing balm should be applied before drying. This makes styling easier. 

  1. Consider a Clipper Cut

The buzz cut is the most obvious hairstyle for a man with thick hair. One of the easiest ways of controlling thickness is to keep hair shaved close to the head, but it will also require regular trimming. This is a look that is timeless and is unaffected by the upkeep.

It is easy to style a buzz cut, which adds more appeal. However, consider your face shape and personal choice before deciding to shave your head. The short style works more on a man with long or oval face as it takes attention away from face length.

5.Try a Long Hairstyle

Men with thick hair have the advantage of trying several long styles. The hair can be layered, feathered, or combined in many different ways, thanks to the texture. Current trends are just a repeat of past popular styles. For example. The pompadour from the 50’s made famous by Elvis Presley is making a comeback, but with a modern twist. The “quiff” of today begins as a pompadour ending with a flat top. Attaining volume for a crisp finish and shine is the key, and pomade like the Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade, an amazing, high quality, water-based pomade from the popular Hairbond brand is ideal.

And if more height and definition is what you want, apply a styling spray before blow-drying.

Still, keep in mind that hair tells a lot about a person’s personality, so it’s important to find a cut that compliments you. Although it’s challenging to style and maintain thick hair, with the right products, you are already on the right path to the perfect look.

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