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Created by a professional hairdresser from Varberg, Sweden. They have sold lots of products around the world via Amazon.


  • ✅A MATTE WAX WITH AN ASTONISHING ALL-DAY HOLD. Resulted in a reviewer called Doglett to say, “finally style my hair at the start of the day and its in pretty much the same style at the end of the day. This is amazing!”
  • ✅A BEST MENS HAIR WAX WHICH SAVES YOU MONEY because a little goes a long way! As Scott David Halley says “I cannot get over how little product you need to get such amazing results one tub will last for months which is a great credit to the maker and screams value for money. If you are dubious about spending the money be rest assured that it’s worth every penny.”
  • ✅OUR BEESWAX HAIR WAX SPX FORMULA HAS A FRESH SCENT AND IS EASY TO WASHOUT. Because our hair wax matt main ingredient is water along with high-grade wax styling ingredients only sourced from Europe. Avoid the nasty dry hair wax residues and smells you would get from cheaper hair waxes.
  • ✅THIS BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED, WOODEN & ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING is a super strong hair wax. A mens wax not found in any high-street stores. Say goodbye to clay wax, paste, cream, hairspray, or other type of wax for hair. Because this is the matte hair wax men truly prefer.
  • ✅OUR HAIR STYLING WAX IS MADE FROM A SMALL TRUSTWORTHY FAMILY BUSINESS which means we do run-out-of-stock from time to time. However we treat every customer like you, as a VIP. Contact us if you need any help so we can make sure you are 100% satisfied with this unique matt wax men prefer!


The main feature of this wax is the strong hold which, presumably, is produced by its vp/va copolymer content, just like hair gel, and is quite like a gel in my view. It dries in the hair with the same kind of hard and straw like results, clumping strands and can produce that gel finish without the unnatural wet look shine. You can get good wide hair texture with it by brushing it in with fingers in to slightly damp hair and it will hold it with big piecey stands. This is often the style im after and it works well for that and also can force and hold the hair in to a fixed position and rescue you out of a bad hairday if its caused by your hair not sitting right.
Because the hair strands are held together so strongly, It holds up to exercise, sweat and the wind like nothing else, other products feel like they just disappear under those conditions and it lasts all day without major reshaping.

However the bad is that after youve slept on it, it becomes unmanageable ( i have medium length, 4 inch hair). The broken up stiffness of the high hold combined the petroleum base leaves it difficult to get out (or restyle) without washing or a dry shampoo spray. If you have shorter hair this may not be such a problem.
The application is also problematic; despite it being quite soft and creamy in the tub, it becomes very sticky within seconds as its its spread out on the hands and therefore when applied to dry hair does not apply evenly, resulting in strand clumping and/or a lot of pulling on the hair.

Overall i do find the product useful and i like the family company background and ethics, however i dont consider it to be a daily use product as the hair stiffness is a bit too unnatural for me. To be honest, Hairbond Shaper wax’ is a better alternative for when i want this type of product as its also wax based with better hold than Da Wax.

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