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This BluMaan product leaves my hair looking heavier with product and slightly greasy where my usual product Hairbond Moulder holds the style without making it look too heavily coated in product so I will continue to buy Hairbond. It isn’t a bad clay and it can provide some good texture and solid hold. The other issue is that it is fairly hard to warm up in your hand, but I solved that problem by heating it in my hand with my hairdryer before rubbing my hands together. It has a very fresh summer smell, with coconut as the main fragrance. Rate Blumaan: 6.5/10

This Hanz De Fuko product’s super high hold appealed. Applying is not that pleasant as there is no moisture in the product, therefore trying to rub into hair was uncomfortable, plemty of tugging and pulling. Unfortunately I found this product does not have great hold at all and my hair would fall quite flat soon after putting on.. The scent is ok but again nothing out of the normal. Many people love this product so it might just be my hair which doesn’t like it! Rate Hanz De Fuko: 6/10

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