Slick Gorilla – Best hair powder? Leave a comment

Really enjoyed Slick Gorilla hair powder, it is easy enough to use and taking everything into account I would give it a seven out of ten.

Points deducted for ending up with powdered shoulders. I’ve also used a better hair powder before and to top it off there was white dust to clean up on the carpet afterwards.

At 7/10 this product works well, especially for anyone with short and textured haircuts. However I personally found this product wasn’t as good for my slightly longer length hairstyles though.

A little sprinkle does seem to go a long way on shorter styles but if your hair is that little bit longer you’ll benefit more from using a regular matte paste, wax, cement or shaper to keep things in place. If you over do the powder, it won’t last you long and you lose any natural effect if you go mad with it.

I did say that for a hair powder this Slick Gorilla hair powder isn’t as stronger holding as other’s I have tried, the Hairbond Moulder Powder being the strongest, but Slick Gorilla is not far behind.

It also really needs shampoo to fully remove the product and it does not remove that easily from the hair unlike some of the best matte wax products that are water based.

Outcome, if you’re looking for a strong holding matte product which acts like a powder but isn’t one, for all the right reasons, I recommend checking out the new Hairbond Super.

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