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Today we put the Cavalier Clay from Blumaan and the Forte Series Texture Clay head to head. Two hairstyling companies founded by.. you guessed it, YouTubers! Blumaan founded by mens hair product reviewer Joseph Andrews and Forte founded by male grooming vlogger Alex Costa. Who know’s, maybe next UKhairbrands has something up our sleeves.

For the meantime let’s take a look at two of their most popular product launches and decide who wins in a head to head battle.

Will either of these products be worth any of your hard earned cash?

Blumaan – Cavalier Clay

If i’m being honest, I was expecting a lot more from the Cavalier Clay, well at least a “Wow” to be honest.

This clay isn’t that exciting once you take the lid off but it does work. Sadly the texture isn’t great and neither is the average hold on it (not that I would rate this product better if it was stronger holding).

Its denser consistency makes it more ideal for styling coarse, wavy and thick hair which might be fine for some, but for me it just felt a bit clumpy.

FORTE – Texture Clay

Forte Series – This hair clay has a very hard scoop in comparrison to many others and it made me question how long ago my batch was produced, I don’t know if it’s a harder clay and that’s how it’s supposed to be or whether it had just dried out in storage a bit. Perhaps something to do with the packaging? Another noticable feature of this popular hair clay is how extremely strong smelling it is (recommend only applying in small amounts) and due to the products dried out texture it felt like a strong to heavy hold for the finish. Like the Blumaan clay I can tell this is also meant for thicker hair and i can say it does wash out ok.

Who wins?

For a top line hair clay, my go to, which I would normally use instead of either Blumaan or Forte Series options would be the Hairbond Distorter and both of these clay products are not as good in terms of packaging, fragrance or final overall product.

If I was to rate them out of 10, I would draw them both at 5/10 each. Lots of room for improvement and there are plenty of other better options on the market at the moment.

A draw doesn’t sound fair in a battle but both of these share too many similarities at times and also struggle in other key areas.

Looking forward to seeing what is next to come from these two hair care brands.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?


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