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UK Brand Vs USA Brand ….. Who will come out on top?


This was my first experience of using a clay pomade. The clay pomade is harder than I expected making it a little difficult to get out of the tub. You need to give it a good rub in palms to generate heat to liquify before applying. It smells really nice and has ok hold / finish however, it does leave my hair feeling dry after washing it out. I think this is a little overhyped and I was expecting something better as I normally use a better product in Hairbond Mattifier Cement


I am in this quest to find another good Matte Clay, real matte with a proper hold, but i am starting to believe it doesn’t exist. Well, in my hair, there is no matte effect at all. Only a wet/greasy look, as a good hold and definition. I am very under hyped by this product by Lockhart.

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